Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Response to Question 3

I agree that there has been a decrease in radio listenership. I also agree that the United States has seen a decrease in newspaper readers too. I agree with the article because journalist should connect with readers, blog, and create community projects. Right now with new technologies, journalism is evolving. I think that journalist have to adjust to the changing times. I have not witnessed or participated in community journalism but I would consider it in the future. I would participate because I would like to try something new and keep up with the changing times.

Response to Question 2

In a way, I agree with the article. Journalists let the public know what is going on in world we live in today. Journalists are a big part of society today. I think journalist should cover a variety of topics. The topics should be from all around the world. This is a way to keep the public informed about what is happening. Journalists play a vital role in the public’s right to know the truth.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Response for question of week 3/31/08

Question 1: If i were a program director of OWWR the kind of program that i would provide for listerners whould revolve around campus affairs. With a mojority of the population of the campus being students i would make sure that they know what is goin on at all times on campus. I would adress important events and deadlines that woudld be of help to the student body.

Question 2: Amongst the many ways that there are to promote events on campus and promote events..my outlet would be to have evenst that bring studnets together. Game nights, parties, an fundraisers are good ways to get students involved and informed. with all of there things, students will not only know the informations first hand but it will also spread through work of mouth.

Question 3: No i do not feel that our programing will please university administration because it isnt diverse nor is it very informative. Most of our programs disciuss what goes on in campus, but people need to also know what is going on around them in their communites. Innorder to get an FM station i feel that we need to reach the quality of radio stations like BLI that adress a community not jsut a group of people

Response to state of singapore jornalism

Question 1: I definatly feel that civic journalism should be practiced in the united states. The information that we are fed regualy through newspapers and tevevison is often controled. Not only can up and comming jornalist cna get their opinion across,through civic jornalism people will have an unedited broadcast of what is going on in their areas.

Question 2: I do agree with what the article stands for becuse a jornalist job is to deliver what is the publics right to know. Without jornalist many of u woudl be in the dark about what goes on in our communities. i feel in the US journalist stand for providing information. Unlike other countries, their journalist live in fear as to what they can published or exposed. and Us jsornalist make sure that they share as much with the public as they know. topics that journalist should cover are information reguarding our govornment and foreign affairs

Question 3: i feel that journalist should move with the flow of the public and become more involved in bloging becuse people no matter what need to be informed. I have not been too involved in the movement of civic journalism, but as society is moving in that direction i know i will be faced to use it in the near future.

Response to Questions of "State of Singapore Journalism"

Yes. Civic journalism should be practiced more in the United State. One important fact that this article argues is that civic journalism would increase the readers’ interest in reading newspapers and participating in journalism. The shrinking of audience in reading newspapers is not just happening in Singapore, or the U.S., it is a worldwide phenomenon. In the article, the author gives us an example about how the community newspaper in the U.S. to deal with that problem. It resulted in “growing consciousness of public or civic journalism…the press is restyled to re-engage the public.” On the other hand, the public is always eager for the access to politics, events at home and abroad, and all kinds of honest information. With the development of electronic equipment—the Internet, cell phone, digital camera, etc.—it is easier to engage in civic journalism. It provides the possibility for the public practicing civic journalism. Moreover, civic journalism is the reflection and real experiment of a public sphere and freedom of speech. I think civic journalism will be the trend of media communication.
Question 2:
In the article, the author use the quote of Jay Rosen to present what the journalists stand for: “they uphold the public’s right to know, a spirit of openness and honesty in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news.” I agree with this. The duty for journalists is to provide information, or more precisely, news. Journalists are the recorders of history. And the true and fist spirit of journalism is truthfulness and accuracy, justice and fair. Also, I agree with the author that “the press should try to help reconnect politics and government and make sure that public’s right to hear its concerns is discussed.” Therefore, journalists should not just report. They have some more important functions in the society. It should be responsible to the public, as the connection between the public and the government.

I think journalists stand for the people here in the U.S. One great and fundamental aspect of journalism in the U.S. is that the public can hear all kinds of news and opinion, both good and bad. The press are privet, not state own, so they would not obviously stand for certain kind of political power. The journalists have more freedom on reporting and criticizing. All kinds of voices can be heard, therefore, a public sphere is created and the journalists are more prone to the public and justice.
Journalists should cover all kinds of news that the people concern and that would affect people’s lives. Reporting big issues like economics and political policies can help people to make decisions and adjust to them. Small local news would also be importance to certain groups of people.
Question 3:
Absolutely! Journalists should “connect with readers… and blog…and create community projects.” Making full use of the technology would help the evolvement of the media communications. I don’t think we should keep on thinking how to maintain the traditional mediums. We should step forward and create new style of communication. It is a good idea to connect with readers, blog and community projects. Each individual belongs to the society, and each individual can be the contributor to the community and society.
By far, I have not participated in community journalism (unless if school newspaper counts.) in the future, I would definitely participate in any form of community journalism, because one of my goal in life is to help the development of my community and the society. Civic journalism will be a good choice.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

answers to 3.3.08

Question 1.

If an on air disk jockey made a negative reference to me or about me and my neighborhood, I would be offended but at the same can’t do anything about it. One thing I can say we are all entitled to our own opinions but at a place of work and business especially where people are listening, it’s quite disrespectful and should be taken into the hands of those who are over them.

Question 2.

No one ever knows the reason why certain people are in the position that they are in and disk jockeys should be held accountable for their actions on air. Being on air is their job, and it must be done in decency and in order. Many times we overlook those who are in that type of position because of their title but we must treat each other with respect at all times. His punishment was a little harsh but he was still held accountable for his actions.

Response to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide the type of programming that interest the listeners. The listeners are our main focus. I would make the programming diverse so that everyone feels like they can enjoy it. I would make it so that listeners would love to tune in to the show weekly or daily.

I would hosts many types of engaging events such as live concerts by recording artists and during those nights that the recording artist would perform I would promote the upcoming artist on and off campus. I would use that as a tool to promote not only their talent but that would give the radio station good feedback from those who are outside of the Old Westbury community.

If we had a FM station I personally believe we wouldn’t get too many listeners. In today’s communities, we like to hear things that pertain to us and what we like to do. Not saying OWWR doesn’t meet that standard but it’s always about making some type of connection with your listeners. For example, many people listen to the Wendy Williams show that comes on 107.5 WBLS because there is some type interest that we as her listeners get out of that show. Same should be with OWWR. I think that the station pleases the university administration. I would follow the FCC practices because those who are really serious about making this a career it would give them a heads up of how to do so.


Question 1.

I do think that civic journalism should be practice more in the United States because it gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with what’s going on within our communities worldwide.

Question 2.

I do agree with the article in regards to what journalists stand for. Their job is to “uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news" because it gives the listeners what we need to hear. We constantly hear about things everywhere else that focus on things that are not important but journalists all around the world must keep their focus and objective. We should cover all aspects of our communities such as the latest news, sports, and many current events that take place.

Question 3.

It’s true that the future of journalism and broadcast environments are changing. This change has everything to do with the decreasing of newspapers and radio listenership. At the same time in order to move forward into a promising future you must always remember the foundation of what got you where you are. This new age of broadcasting would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the beginning stages of journalism. Holding on to the little things is easy access to bigger and better.

I did participate in the radio station here at SUNY Old Westbury where I learned a lot about journalism. Its always good to learn something NEW and by being there it has given me knowledge and understanding of journalism.

question #2

i do agree with the article about what journalism really is because of the qoute that says "They uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news" and thats exactly what a journalist do. i feel that a journalist must be honest and clear with what they say and they need to provide the people with good information and with the truth. i think the United Ststes should stick with news that are important to people.
i think that civic journalim should be practice more in the United States because it's a good way to inform the people what what is happening in their community and lets them know everything. it's important to know whats going on around you because it helps you be know what to be aware about. if there wasnt no journalism in any part of the world then people would be clueless about everything that goes on around them.

Question 1

I think civic journalism is very important in the United States. I think it should be continued. I believe this because civic journalism is one method of delivering fast breaking news to the people. It is important for people to know what is going on in the word they live in today. I believe it will continue to grow as technology evolves. It is important to keep up with the times.
1. I definitley feel that civic journalism should be practiced more in todays society. It's a great way for new comers and aspiring journalists help get their name out into the public and also express their opinions in a society full of judgements and opinions.

2. In my opinion, many journalists only look to shock people. Shocking news, news that will trigger some sort of epic reaction is what many journalists and stations strive for. Also, I think the concept of news is plagued with unnecessary topics such as pop culture. Not all news stations and journalists have this mind set but many only care about selling the story and that's it.

3. I agree that news and journalism is definitely changing year by year, and it's up to us to adapt with it as well. It's kind of sad to see newspapers decreasing and that radio shows are becoming more and more irrelevant. Although the new form of civic journalism is exciting and new, we also must not forget our media's roots. In my own experience i have particpated as a part of my school's radio show, on CEI OWWR. I learned a lot being on the show and i feel that it helped me understand journalism a lot more.

My responses

Question 1: Civic Journalism should be more practice in the U.S because more people need to hear the little news and big news at the same time. Some times Civic journalist present news faster than regular journalist because of more access to the internet for all people in the U.S.

Question 2: Journalists should cover every aspect in a typical person's life whether it is sports, politics, horoscopes or whatever. There should no restriction on a what a journalist should cover. Journalists are people who tell the public truth. They stand as messengers to the average joes who wants to know about America.
1.I feel civic journalism should be practiced more in the United States, especially amongst the youth. Civic Journalists can promote being proactive ant enables people to uncover their own truths about certain situation instead of relying on a dominant media source. Civic journalism can also promote solutions for certain problems in the community. If the journalist are experiencing what they are writing about they are more prepared to solve the problems. The only potential downfall would be a grave rise in competition between fellow journalists.

2. I do agree with the article with regards to what a journalist stands for. It is a journalists job to provide an honest source of information to the public. I feel journalists should cover topics relevant to people's everyday lives

3. I feel it is very important for journalists to connect with it's readers just by the virtue of the conflict presented in the question. The question states how newspaper readers and radio listenership has decreased. Having community projects and blogs can stimulate interest in readers. I've never really participated in community journalism but I am looking to do so in the future because it seems interesting to me

Monday, May 5, 2008

Response #3

I definalty think that journalist should be more connected to thier readers and blogs because that is the whole purpose of thier job and if they arent doing that then what is the point in being a journalist plus readers will be able to see how each of them may have diffrent ideas while sharing some of the same ideas. No I haven't been apart of community journalism but I do have an itch to take part eventually being that I'm a media major with intentions on gainig my own radio show for a well known station.

Response #2

I agree with this article because that is what the true art of being a journalist is suppose to be but in the United States I feel that journalist stand for less important news such as relying on celebrities to make a story. I also feel they are more for informing the public on news that isnt that revelant instaed of the topics that need to be addressed such as the war in iraq, the amount of proverty that is actually taking place in the states along wit the issue of homelessness. These issues should be covered because they are way more important then knowing how some werido can't control her nervous breakdown.

response #1

I think it would be great to have more civic journalism in the United States because I feel it will allow the people of the country to have a say in thier news and I also feel it would make more teens aware of how important the news is because it would be news that would hit closer to home.


Question 1: I think Civic Journalism needs to be practiced more in the United States for many reasons. Civic Journalism is an art of expression and allows readers to view opinions, ideas, and the thoughts of others. It also is a great way to know what is happening in society and in your community. I think Civic Journalism is a way to reach out to the community and bring it together. A lot of people look past the "municipal life" and don't take time to notice what is happening in their surrondings; civic journalism allows you to know what is pubically happening. I believe Civic Journalism has a lot of advantages and that is why it should be practiced more.

Question 2: In the article it states that journalists, "uphold the public's right to know, a spirit of openness and honesty in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news". I agree that this is what journalists stand for. They allow the public to not be blind sighted about imortant news and other information. They also provide information that is accurate and it is unlike news you hear from "word-of-mouth". I think that journalists in the United States can't really be defined. There are all different journalists and they don't stand for one thing; yet many continue to write or discuss what sells. In the business world it is all about what sells and makes the most money, so journalists feed us gossip on celebrities and things that really have no affect on our everyday lives. People get too caught up in everyone's lives but their own; so I believe journalists should talk about important things that pretain to our "own" lives. Topics such as poverty, new medicines, great discoveries, politics, and world news should be covered. It is sad to see that people know more about celebrities than their own surrondings.

Question 3: I think journalists should connect with their readers, blog, and create community projects. It is important because a lot of people share common ideas and thoughts, and it is beneficial to express them. I think this could allow people to bring about more change in their communities and make them better. I have not personally participated in any form of community journalism; yet would be interested to do so in the future. I think people need writers who won't just write about "gossip", but writers who will fill people's brains with information that is useful and captivating at the same time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Question 1
I do think that Civic Journalism should be practiced more in the United States. I think it gives the people in the community a more in depth report on whats going in society. It also gives up coming journalist a chance to write and report information to their readers. I think Civic Journalsim is a new way to get the news and up coming events. I personally think that once Civic Journalism gets it's foot inthe door compeletly all newspapers, magazines, even news reporters will defintely have serious competition.

Question 2
I actually agree with what the article says journalist stand for. I do believe that they uphold the publics right to know. They are their to gives us information on business, events, important news etc. I mean if their not doing it, who else is? Here in the United States i think that the journalist do a fair job of reporting the news to the public. Sometimes i feel its too much gossip and not enough "news", but beleive it or not their some are people who are more interested in "gossip news". The topic i think journalist should cover is: politics, important events, business/economy, weather, some entertainment. In which all of this that i named is bascially what the journalist are bringing to the public.

question 3
I do believe that the journalist should connect with their readers, because it gives the an idea of what the public likes to read and hear about. I have really participated in civic journalism, but i do plan to get more invovled in it being that i' am a media major.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Question 1: Civic Journalism definitely needs to be practiced more in the US. According to the Pew Center for Civic Journalism their definition of Civic Journalism is: "Civic Journalism is both philosophy and a set of values supported by some evolving techniques to reflect both of these in your journalism. At it's heart is a belief that journalism has an obligation to public life- an obligation that goes beyond just telling the news or unloading lots of facts. The way we do our journalism affects the way public life. Journalism can help empower a community or it can help disable it." I believe that Civic Journalism helps the people in the communities we live in because the main purpose of Civic Journalism is to inform the people around us with what's going on where they live.

Question 2: I kinda do agree with the article in regard to what journalists stand for. I especially agree with this statement "They uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news." I feel like civic journalism is suppose to do exactly that. I think over time journalism in the United States has changed. Everything from news to the way it's reported has changed. As technology expands so does the way we report the news. It use to be where we turned on the news or read the paper to see what's going on in the world but, now today we can go online and read the news in our state and across the world. I think the journalist today need to stop focusing on news like Britney Spears having a break down and Miley Cyrus posing in a bed sheet for Vanity Fair and focus more on the war and other things that are happening around the US. When I want my entertainment news I will go to Perez Hilton, TMZ, or OhNoTheyDidnt.Livejournal.com but, I don't want to turn on the Fox 5 10pm news and have the main story be the controversy of Miley Cyrus being 15 years old and taking pictures topless and in a bed sheet. Recently I was watching the view and they had the actor Johnny Galecki (David from Rosanne, and currently on the show CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory) was asked about his opinion of Miley Cyrus he said "With all this talk I thought the war was over. We don't need to focus on this when there is a war going on." I couldn't agree with him more! Each day we have soldiers dying overseas but, the media won't cover it because it's too morbid. It's our duty as journalists to cover all the important news and I think that the war and how many soldiers die each day should be something they cover and not just a small beat in the New York Times each day.

Question 3: I agree with the article about what is journalism suppose to be. I probably have experienced community journalism and just didn't realize that's what it was called. I would defintely take place in a community journalism. I actually applied for a job that needs someone for community based journalism. I forgot the exact title but, I think it's interesting to see how different communities do things especially on Long Island because there are so many towns but, places like Queens it's harder to find a strong community. For example when I grew up and lived in Queens till I was in high school. In Middle Village and Fresh Meadows (the two parts I lived in) there was hardly any community involvement. The neighbors stayed to themselves and no one really knew anyone. But, when I moved to Malverne I found the community extreamly tight. Everyone seems to know everyone. When walking down the street people say hi, and the cops who know me say hi in the morning and when I'm out late at night on my block walking or just talking on the phone they make sure I'm safe and always are checking up. Even though I loved growing up in Queens the community in Long Island is a million times better.


Hello CEI,

Over the course of the semester, all of you have been engaged in some form of civic engagement. You may have done so at your placement, in class, on-air, or in everyday life. In addition, each of you acquires information from multiple sources such as the internet, television, print, or some form of technology. As students here at SUNY, there are many outlets where one may report on nearly any topic, informing the masses. Students should participate in some form civic journalism. Here, the practice of civic journalism continues to be a work in progress, in other regions this form of dissemination of information is more popular.

Below is an article relative to civic journalism in Singapore. Please read the following article, and conduct your research from other sources to answer the following THREE questions, and site those as needed:

1. Do you feel that Civic Journalism should be practiced more the United States? Why or why not?

2. Do you agree with this article with regards ‘to what journalists stand for’? Why or why not? What do you feel journalists stand for here in the United States? What topics should journalists cover of, and why?

3. As we continue to get most of our information electronically, newspapers in the United States have witnessed a decrease in readers. Radio listenership has decreased. The fate of the future in the journalism and broadcast environments are constantly evolving in its pursuit of redefinition. As you become a part of that pursuit, and play a role in this arenas evolution, do you agree with this article that journalists should ‘connect with readers… and blog… and create community projects’? Why or why not? Have you ever witnessed or participated in any form of community journalism, and would you personally in the future? Why or why not?

Ensure you answer these questions in there entirety. Please take some time and invest some critical thinking skills in your answers.

One, or two lined answers will not be accepted.

Good luck and take care.

~ JM


STATE OF SINGApore journalisM

What we need to do so as not to become irrelevant, ineffective
Weekend • April 19, 2008
Loh Chee Kong

MAKE no mistake, Singapore journalism is at a crossroads — and it is still searching for the way forward.Lack of reader excitement for its best works. A rising cynicism with politics and journalism. A growing feeling that the craft needs a reinvention as it tries to interest people in the news of the day.These would not look out of place as descriptions of the journalism scene in Singapore, except that this was exactly what had happened in the United States in the 1990s.But the difference was that the Americans decided to do something about it. Community newspapers polled the residents and held townhall meetings, and they realized what they perhaps suspected all along: Newspapers are viewed as arrogant, negative and detached from the community. The end product was a growing consciousness of public or civic journalism, where the work of the press is restyled to re-engage the public.In Singapore, the industry's response so far appears to be an attempt to make itself look good by window-dressing.Cue marketing efforts going into overdrive with revamps and makeovers without giving the same amount of attention to content.These changes should be extended to address fundamental questions, such as what Singapore journalists are for. Why do we need journalists? What do we stand for? What could we be doing if we wanted to do more?Singapore society has evolved since 1959, when then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew restructured The Straits Times and designated the press' role as a "nation-building partner".But some might say, journalism is still playing catch-up, with newspapers trying to cling to the promised land of financial viability that a stable and prosperous country would bring.What do journalists stand for? To quote Associate Professor Jay Rosen, a journalism academic who wrote the 1999 book What are Journalists For?, they "uphold the public's right to know, a spirit of openness and honesty in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news".Before any cynic proclaims that these tenets of journalism are unworkable in Singapore, let us be clear that a self-defeatist attitude would get the journalism industry nowhere.Indeed, for a country that prides itself on its honest governance and transparency, there is no reason journalism should accept anything less.It is clear that the press in Singapore has limited powers and expressedly so. Laws such as the Internal Security Act and the Official Secrets Act keep journalists and editors in check while the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act empowers the Government to determine the composition of a newspaper company's board of directors.But why should that stop Singapore journalists from practicing meaningful journalism?In fact, journalists must be at the forefront of asking the critical questions — simply because of their privileged position, which allows them to go to places or see things few people do.For one, the press should try to help reconnect politics and government and make sure that the public's right to hear its concerns is discussed.One school of thought, echoed by Assoc Prof Rosen, is that "if politics and public affairs become a distant scene with sordid characters unable to earn our respect, a closed loop in which the usual suspects talk only to each other, an empty spectacle that sheds no light on what matters most, then, the watchdog would have failed in its custodial duty".Yet, there is another school of thought that firmly believes journalism is just about reporting the facts. Even in the US, critics of public journalism fell back on "tradition": The traditional separation between news and opinion, the traditional caution against getting too involved, the traditional imperatives of independence and detachment.Former top civil servant and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) director Ngiam Tong Dow belongs to that school. Recalling his days as a cub reporter at The Straits Times in the '50s, he said at an SPH lecture last month that journalists should be reporters of facts and nothing else.Ironically, Mr Ngiam, a frequent critic of the Government and who stresses that he merely offers an alternative viewpoint, reiterated that a free press "is not a tower of Babel" and the power to censor "has to be used wisely and sparingly".Mr Ngiam had said: "If you feel irked by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts' guidelines, let me tell you of the unremitting routine of North Korean diplomats. Every presentation began with a litany of praise for their Great Leader."With all due respect, we have moved out of the '50s. While fundamental journalistic values must stand the test of time, it is precisely these traditions that have caused the press to lose its audience and public trust. And Singapore is not North Korea, thankfully.It is a modern economy and cosmopolitan city. But no financial hub in the world should have its press scrambling to play catch up with the international media on news of its own financial institutions.Just count the number of times the international media have set the pace in terms of coverage on controversies involving Temasek Holdings. It was also foreign news agency Dow Jones that exposed the potential conflict of interest involving Singapore Exchange chief executive officer Hsieh Fu Hua.For Singapore to propel itself into the league of top cities, the press cannot be a passive mirror of society. With every story, newspapers tell the reader where to look and how to look at a particular issue.Newspapers are run by businessmen who should stick to their job and leave the journalists to do theirs. And the journalists have a big task on their hands: Get out there and connect with the readers, through dialogue sessions, blogs, community projects and partnerships.It's far from being the Fourth Estate, a role the Government believes the media should not play; still, Singapore journalism has some way to go.The way forward? Instead of an imagined public who sees civic affairs as everyone's business, create one. Instead of documenting events and explaining policies, ignite readers' interest in them. Build a community and balance sceptism with hope that everyone can contribute to our society.Only then would Singapore journalism truly live up to its tag as a "nation-building partner".

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Answers to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide different music and topics of discussion that best suits the listeners’ ears. There is but so much we can do but since we are a college radio station we do have an image to withhold so I believe having fun and giving the listeners what they want to hear ( in a respectful way) at the same time is key.

I would definitely give this campus just a tad bit more of life. I can certainly say during this second semester there have been more activities and programs to attend. But the entire campus should have SOMETHING to do when there is NOTHING to do all year long. I would have concerts or some type of promotional fund raisers every weekend to keep students here on campus and as well as off campus.

I wouldn’t say that the current programs are inappropriate for airing, I just believe they don’t fulfill the needs and interests of the students. if we were ever to become a FM station. I can definitely say that the campus provides good quality programming but again it just lacks in interest in regards to what we want to listen to. The FCC practices are fine because they still give structure especially to those who are interested in making this a career.


I would never deliervery a message like so in public because there are many others who would be affected and I'm the type of person that would feel wrong if others feeelings or concerns were hurt.


I feel this is not a volitation of freedom of speech because I feel that she only put use to what was her given birth right.


I personally feel the actions that were taking are ridiculious because there have been many other serious things that have been said that should have had serious actions should have been taking. So I feel they shouldn't have fired her for what she stated about the senotor.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Air America response

1. I feel that although Ms. Rode's comment was stupid and degrading towards Hilary Clinton her being fired was not warranted. I feel it was a harsh penalty to fire her. I think had it been on air she should of been fired, but it was a video that a random person had.

2. I do not feel it was a violation of free speech. although it was rude I feel she has the right to express her opinion. Many stand up comedians make similar crude jokes and there isn't as much scrutiny on what they say.

3.In a public setting I would try my best to refrain from making controversial comments about a big political figure such as Hilary Clinton

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1. I feel that they should have continued her employment because her comment was not made on air it was her own opinion which here in America we are all entitled to which is called Freedom of speech

2. Yes this is a violation of free speech because we are all entitled to our own opinions even if they are negative. Freedom of speech was definitely violated in this situation.

3. I would be very mindful of what I say even outside of my place of employment.

My response

I feel that the person who dissed Hilary Clinton should not have lost her job because it was off air. I maybe would give her a suspension but thats it nothing more

This is a violation of free speech because you can say anything u want no matter where. Plus she said it off air, that was her opinion. She is not forced to like Hilary Clinton

Not really because it wasnt that serious she not have been fired

Monday, April 21, 2008


Question 1: I believe that suspending Randi Rhodes was wrong, becuase she had the right to voice her opinion. I do think her comments went too far especially becuase she is talking about Hillary Clinton, somone with a lot of power and who has many admirers. The comments weren't under job circumstances either, so they had no right to fire her. I think they should of talked about it with her and allowed her to recieve minor repercussions. Everyone has a bad opinion about someone; so there will always be harsh comments. She had to think about her job, before saying things that could put her in jeopardy.

Question 2: I think it is a violation of freedom of speech, becuase America is a place where people are allowed to say whatever they think. Everyone has a right to speak their voice, but people have to take into consideration how it will affect their everyday lives.

Question 3: I don't think I would make harsh negative comments as a broadcaster. By creating negative comments you are only promoting controversy. I think their is a point of taking things to far, and that it is child-like. It is better to be open-minded and be able to have some sort of positive out-look on everything. I think as a journalist or broadcaster you should be open-minded. It is not wrong to voice an opinion, but it is wrong to personally attack someone.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

response to 3.3.08

If an on-air dj made a negative reference to me or about my neighborhood, i would more than likely get upset. But just like me and other listeners would try to call in and voice their opinion, i probaly wouldnt even get through. So i wouldnt even waste my time to entertain ignorance, especially if it doesnt apply to me personally.

I think that anyone who says something wrong on- air, doesnt matter if its a dj or radio show host show face penalties for making slanderious remarks. I cant really say that the dj's penalty was enough, but it served the purpose.

response to 4/11/08

Part 1 Being the person that I' am I wouldnt want any one to get fired from their job; especially in that feild. But at the end of the day there are still rules and they have to be followed. I know what its like to voice an opinion and get a little carried away, but she still violated the rules of the radio station and she mean things about Hillary Clinton.

Part2 I don't actually think this is a violation of free speech. But i do think some radio station are to strict on some things you can or cannot say on the radio. Like on some radio stations if you say one thing wrong your fired. I guess radio host need to be more careful of the things they say on air.

Part3 Well sometimes my mouth has a mind of it's own (lol). But if i feel strongly about something i will say what's on my mind, but i will try to approach it in a way where it won't get me fired hopefully (lol).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joe's Response

In my opinion, Air America should not have fired her. The things she said about Hilary Clinton was said off the air, therefore had nothing to do with them. Ok, maybe a suspension or something would have been a little more appropriate, but firing her was way to harsh.

I feel that since she was fired for saying something, that yeah.. it kind of is a violation of free speech. I know that she should monitor what she says being in the public eye and what not, but still, she is entitled to say whatever she wants, and she clearly was punished for doing just that.

If I were a broadcaster i would avoid talking negatively about anyone, especially someone who could potentially be our next president. Plus there is a time and place to let an opinion like that come out. I try to build bridges, not burn them. 

Response to Air American.....

Q1: I think that Air America should halt her show for a period of time and this is the penalty for her. Ending her employment is too much. But I think it is just a common action for the stations/companies, especially in China. If somebody says something that is offensive to other people or organizations, he/she might get fired immediately.

Q2 : For me, it’s really a tough question. I would like to say that it is a violation of free speech because the public sphere in America is so open and tolerant and every kind of opinions can find their ways to be conveyed. However, for me, this kind of comments and so-called comedy shows make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t feel like hearing a host in a nationally show liken somebody to a prostitute. It’s silly and out of joint of the ethic standard.

Q3: No. I would not deliver a comment like that! As a journalist or a person work for the media, it’s necessary to be cautious and sensitive of our sayings. Using proper words is a way of showing your professional skill in this field.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I feel that it unnecessary to fire Randi Rhodes due to a comment she made out of her work environment. However I do feel that a suspension fits her act. As a radio host no matter where you are I believe that people always use your voice as source for information. By slandering someone in the position of Hillary Clition you can affect the way other people perceive her. Although this country thrives on freedom of speech, I believe that people in the position of Randi should always be aware of what they say.

I do believe that firing her is violation on freedom of speech especially due to the fact it took place out of the work area. But if lewd remarks suck as hers go away unpunished, citizens may look at our government as a one that accepts lawlessness.

If I was a broadcaster I wouldn’t have delivered comments like that. As I have stated the job of a journalist is to deliver news to the public. Saying inappropriate comments like that can’t go overlooked.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Question 1: Air America suspended Randi Rhodes after her comedy act was posted on YouTube on April 3rd. Randi Rhodes on April 9th announced she was leaving Air America to move to another radio network -- Nova M Radio. Her comments "Geraldine Ferraro turned out to be David Duke in drag... What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is! She's such a f----ing whore! I want to see her have to stand beside her husband at one of those mandatory 'I have sinned against you; I'm a whore' kind of a press conference. Mr. Ferraro should have to stand next to his whore of a wife... Hillary is a big f----ing whore, too." was made during a comedy act. I don't think Air America should have indefinitely suspended her inappropriate comments. I also think Air America is taking this to the next step-- even though she just announced today ((April 11th 2008)) that she was going to Nova M Radio, Air America already took down Ms. Rhodes section of the messages boards, all her show archives, and other things.

Question 2: Yes I believe this is a violation of freedom of speech. When the comments were made she did them during a comedy act not during her radio show. In the end I really thing Air America is just over reacting.

Question 3: I don’t think I would ever say anything like that especially as a broadcaster. You have to watch everything you say. It’s like all your comments are under a magnified glass and one wrong word or comment and you are out of a job. I wouldn’t want to lose my job over a comment like that.

Hello CEI !

Hello CEI,

Randi Rodes, a former Air America host lost her job due to some remarks she made about Senator Clinton that surfaced on YouTube.

Please conduct your research on-line to become more familiar with the story. I have provided one for you.


Do you feel that Air America should have continued her employment, or are they justified for letting her go for something she said off-air?

In your opinion is this a violation of free speech, why or why not?

Would you have deliver a comment at an event, in that context, in public setting as a broadcaster? Why, or why not?

Good luck and thank you.

~ JM

The radio host Randi Rhodes has ended her employment with Air America, the liberal radio network, it said Thursday, leaving the network with a three-hour hole in its afternoon schedule. Ms. Rhodes, who was host of the nationally syndicated “Randi Rhodes Show,” was suspended a week ago after a video of her making disparaging remarks about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton surfaced on YouTube. Ms. Rhodes, left, used vulgar language to liken Ms. Clinton to a prostitute at an event sponsored by KKGN, the Air America affiliate in San Francisco, on March 22. In a statement the Air America chairman, Charlie Kireker, and the company president, Mark Green, said Ms. Rhodes had chosen to terminate her employment. She hosted the 3-to-6 p.m. hours for Air America, and the network did not say who would take her place, although the possibilities include Sam Seder, a Sunday host. “We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America’s growth in the future,” the officials’ statement said. Ms. Rhodes, however, will be back on the air soon, at least in one market. John Scott, the program director of KKGN, said on its Web site that Ms. Rhodes would join his station on April 14.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

repsponse to DJ

If a disk jockey made a comment about my neighborhood I would take it very personal. Disk Jockeys are often the voice of a community and people we often rely on what they say over the air as a source of valid information. My initial reaction would be to make sure that the Dj would be suspended temporarily from the show as well as giving an on air apology to the people who were offended by the comments made. I don’t feel that randy’s discipline was enough. I don’t feel that he understood the seriousness of his actions.

repsponse to DJ

If a disk jockey made a comment about my neighborhood I would take it very personal. Disk Jockeys are often the voice of a community and people we often rely on what they say over the air as a source of valid information. My initial reaction would be to make sure that the Dj would be suspended temporarily from the show as well as giving an on air apology to the people who were offended by the comments made. I don’t feel that randy’s discipline was enough. I don’t feel that he understood the seriousness of his actions.

Owwr Radio Station response 1-3

If I was giving the chance to become the program director at owwr old Westbury radio I will make a couple of changes. I feel in order to make the station more interesting to the masses more promotion is needed, this includes more evens such as parties and fundraisers and also more visual promotions which can included flyers etc. having a live do can also improve on the stations quality because people want to hear live mixing not song after song. These few things can have a major affect on the amount of listeners ,Also getting more students involved my bring more opportunities for the station , this my involve contest etc. When look at on a broader scale radio is about networking and knowing the right people ,so getting more people involved and trying new things can put those people at the station and the station it’s self in a better position.
Events like concerts and talent shows even open mic can help the station. These events can be promoted via web for example myspace ,face book etc, even word of mouth and flyer can attract people to these events.
With shows like the First year Experience the owwr radio station can attract many different types of crowd young and old. I feel that the station being college radio has it adult points in time but is mainly directed to a younger crowd. With this at hand I feel that many of the shows on owwr isn’t original. Originality is the reason why many listen to certain stations, with more original shows there would be more listeners because people like to learn and experience new things. In order for owwr to be professional and prepare it’s students for the job field I feel the fcc rules are needed to be followed because if they aren’t followed the shows my get too out of hand and radio wouldn’t be radio anymore it would be looked at as open mic.

response to question 3.31.8

If i were the programming director of OWWR , I would gear most of the programming towards students that live on campus. For starters students that live on campus would probaly be our main audience, so I would try to talk about important events on campus, things that are nore student realated. Being that it is said that the campus is so dead, i would try to promote ideas and activties to make the campus more fun.

I think live shows are the best way to let the students know about campus life events. The live show should allow the the students to be invovled in show, for example calling in, emailing or even being their to gibe their own ideas or personal thoughts.

The qualities of our programming is appropriate as far as i know. i really dont listen to OWWR like that, so i really can't give an honest thoughts about something im not sure of. I think this programming is appropriate for a college radio station.

Response to First Question 1-3

1. I believe this is so because today in society many black young men have yet to face the fact that no one owes them anything and that they need to fight for what they want. Many times looking for the easy way out and easy cash we many times turn to ways of getting fast cash or even violence. Many times starting at a young age may time young men of color drop out of school in search of money and all the glamour they see on videos many time not knowing that in order to get a job you need to have a certain amount of education as said in the speech “In 2000, 65% of black male high school dropouts in their 20's were jobless - in other words not looking or unable to find work - and by 2004, the share had grown to 72% "jobless." (NY Times, Plight Deepens fir Black Men, 3/20/06)72% jobless! It takes your breath away. By comparison the rate for white male high school dropouts was 34% and Hispanic males 19%.”
2. I believe that this would help the current status of colored men around the u.s because as simple as it may seem starting with the soft skill can take you a long way. For example dressing the proper way, it may sound cleshay but allot times your first impression is always the best.
3. I believe that this will always exist, the best thing that we can do is to save those who want to be saved or helped. In order for leaders to help these young men they need to imply programs that relate to the young men. Being a young black man in today’s society many times I only participate or put my full effort into things that relate to me or things that I like and I think that this applies to many other young men out there that are my age in need of economical and social help.

Response To Radio Actions

Question # 1
Radio is a way for people to express their feelings to the masses ,it’s also a way to connect to different groups of people. If a radio personality made a negative comment about me I think that I would react like I would react to anyone else I wouldn‘t treat him or her any different to a regular person on the street. I feel that radio personalities should be giving penalties if making negatives comments about others . I’m saying this because many times their negative comment can effect the listeners and many times this may cause listener to switch to other stations. On the other hand reaching out with every listener and connecting to them without offending someone in some way is very hard to do. As a radio manager I feel the penalty for negative behavior should be suspension and only this I say this because every one has their own opinions on certain situations if they hide this I feel that radio would be point less because the they would only be giving the people what they want to hear,. In the case of randy I feel that he should have been punished without pay because he was basically giving a vacation with pay.
Question # 2 and 3
In the case of the college students I feel that they shouldn’t be kicked out because the female agreed to participate in the show. The students were just entertaining the listeners this is why we have radio. I feel that the students should be at most be giving time off from the station for their mistakes, suspension for what they did to me is kind of taking it to the extreme and wrong . The fcc on the other hand should take action but they should only fine to the school because it there are rules to open radio but mistakes are made because were all human beings.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

question 2&3

i personally think that the mother shouldnt get mad at the kids for being on the show and actually putting her daughter there because girl is a striper any ways so the mother should have known what she was getting herself into. i think the punishment was unfair it was not the kids falt. i think that the FCC should monitor all college radio shows not just to select few.

All Questions

Question 1:
I would provide all types of programming such as news, celebrity gossip, music and sports. Some shows will have all of them inside of it, while others have the one of these major topics. All of my listeners including off campus will like mmy shows because it will have diversity and it will be entertaining to them

Question 2:
I would be making flyers all around skool and my area about my show how it has live call in shows. I could also promote it through other shows on the airwaves

Question 3:
Quality is importaant if old westbury went on air, we have to have the best shows if New York city can hear us. Old westbury is providing good radio so we should be on a FM station. Also we will follow every rule that the FCC will give us so that we can have new yorkers listen to us

Monday, April 7, 2008


Question 1 : If I was the program director of OWWR, I would make the radio station pretain to the campus life and city life. I think many people enjoy hearing about the latest trends, actors/actresses, and other entertainment but there are plenty of other sources that give out that information. There are television shows, the internet, and newspapers and they all provide information on mostly everything. I think OWWR should be about what is happening on campus, promote school spirit, and just be about our community at Old Westbury. I also think it should include social events/parties/internships that are happening in Long Island and New York City. I think there would be more listeners, because anyone can just go on the internet and look up hollywood's hottest new couple; yet they wouldn't be able to find the next new exciting thing happening on SUNY Old Westbury's campus.

Question 2: I would organize a beach event, because Jones Beach is beautiful and close by. I would have a popular artist perform on a stage, have food and drinks, contests, free giveaways, and a bonfire late at night. I would make this event happen by getting sponsors and having fundraisers. I would promote the event around school with flyers, through word-of-mouth, and also through OWWR. I aslo would promote it through Facebook/Myspace because they are great networks that attract a wide auidence.

Question 3: I don't listen to OWWR, so I don't really know what the programs consist of. I don't think it would be a good idea if OWWR had a real FM station, becuase if a good amount of students don't listen, who is going to? I think the radio station needs to focus on attracting their target auidence, which is the student body. I would follow FCC rules becuase I think they are important. Students might have to use them in their future careers and also rules and guidelines make things more organized.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

If I was program director, I would provide my listeners with quality programming. I believe listeners deserve quality programming when it comes to the radio. I believe they should have access to diverse liberal programming to express different ideas and appeal to different personalities. I would promote the latest and greatest events on campus. I would have call in shows with live requests on music. I would use my skills in making promotions to promote on the radio. I would also promote using the television if it is available. I would also use the classic method of passing out papers to promote whatever I need promoted. I believe Old Westbury Web Radio provides listeners with good quality programming. If Old Westbury was to do FM I think the station would be good. I believe the radio station appeals to different types of listeners including the administration. I think FCC rules are important to college radio because if one was to enter the profession of radio broadcasting it is important to know the rules so that person can have less problems with the FCC and have a better chance of a successful career.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Response to question for the week of 03-31-08

If I were the Program Director at OWWR the main focus of my programming would be to create an environment where students are proud to be at Old Westbury. I guess it can be called promoting school spirit. I would try to gear the topics on the station to the campus. If there were shows that focused on topics on other topics I would somehow try to relate it to our school. I would try to promote call-in shows to make the campus more interactive. I would try to promote more events on campus.I feel if Old Westbury had a FM station we would have to make an effort to make our programs unique. It would be hard to get listeners if the station had shows just like to numerous ones already on FM. I would follow FCC practices

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Response to questions 3.31.08

If I was the programming director of OWWR, news about Old Westbury campus life would be the mainstream. It is because OWWR is an on campus web radio station, and the audiences are students and staff here in Old Westbury, the programs should concern more about campus life and events that relates to the students. Even students who are live on campus would not know much about what’s going on, let alone the commuters. Some live shows of campus events would make campus life more lively. Previews of the events would tell students what to do and where to spend time on campus.

Like what I mentioned before, some live shows good ways to present our campus life to all the students and stuff on Old Westbury. For example, we can make the SGA election live on air so it can involve more students’ concerns. And I would organize open forums about issues of academic, school policy, campus life, etc, inviting some professors, staff and students. At the same time, students who are not in the studio can call, email or on line discuss (on OWWR web page).

To be honestly, I don’t listen to OWWR that much (but I know I should) and I can’t make any judgment about the qualities of the current programs. What I think is it is not necessary for us to have an FM station and no need to spend money on it, concerning the audience rate. Web radio is more convenient and flexible. I would follow FCC practices. If you are in certain industry, groups or organizations, you are subject to certain regulations and policies that make the whole system running organically. It’s acceptable to follow the practices.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think if Old Westbury introduced a F.M. station to the campus i feel the qualities would be very much apporaite which would also gain more listners. I would also follow the FCC guidelines just because there has to be some form of structure within the station, but this may cause adminstartion to feel that they arent being pleased but I think that would be okay because the main issue is to please our lsitening audience.


The engaging events that i would create would be more on campus concerts in doors and out, I would also aim to get major entainers from each genre of music to come out to perfrom for our students. I would also aim to try and have some shows at major arenas such as nassu colisuem, msg, and maybe even radio city music hall.These opportunites would be promoted by constant rotation on our school radio shows, flyers, R.A's, student e-mail's, and facebook along with myspace because most students check their accounts on a daily basis.

3/31/08 #1

I personally would take a major survey around campus and choose from the top geners of music to create the radio stations for off and on campus students. I would take a survey because it would give every student the chance to voice what they like and what they want to hear on their school radio show.

Monday, March 31, 2008

question 1: If I was the program director I would make sure that all music genres had a show. I know with our station we have only 3 or 4 shows that don't play rap, hip hop or r&b. I would make that number higher. In order to bring in more listeners we need to have shows for everyone and not just focus on one specific area. Also if I was the program direction I would try to get live interviews with music artists or even actors/actresses from tv and movies.

question 2: I think one even that might be good at the college would be live concerts. When I get to NCC we had a concert club that had a budget for concerts. Each year there were 4 concerts (two each semester) and each concert was a different type of music. I think this college would benefit from that especially with the activities fee that we all pay. I do think we need more interaction between the listeners and the hosts. We could do more events like Social Thursdays or even something on the weekends. I would promote this the same way I promote the other activities that the station is doing. Post it on Myspace/Facebook, the OWWR Blog, and even get the newspaper to print the ads. The more interaction we get with the students and they will tell their friends about us and it will take off from there.

question 3: If OW had a real FM station I think the qualities of the programs might be appropriate if we say we are a most hip hop, rap and r&b station. We couldn't say we were mainstream because most of the shows don't play the music that you would hear say like on Z100 or WBLI. I don't think the station is filling in everyones needs because we don't appeal to everyones music taste. I think the way the station is run we should please the administration and if we don't they should tell us how we could. I would follow the FCC rules. I actually think the FCC rules are important for college radio because if someone is trying to get into radio as a career they will need to know the rules for the FCC so one doesn't get fired.

Hello CEI

Hello CEI,

Please read the following question below and answer it to the best of your ability.
Please conduct your own research as needed, for other instances other than the one provided.


As college radio continues to evolve from all aspects including content, technologies, audience listenership and participation, promotion, production and more, below is a classic case of yet another demise of the college radio station on FM, going strictly to Web Radio. Many universities continue to become aware of the changes in radio, and is providing new ways for the college radio student to broadcast both audio, video, and more, such is the case for OWWR.

Internet radio stations provide many valuable resources for any college student in any major. OWWR provides many opportunities in all levels of broadcasting both in front, or behind the scenes. Students can become involved with news, sports, music and talk show programming, hosting events live, or pre-recorded, both on and of the campus, servicing the needs of listeners worldwide and yet providing programming relative to its market.

Many students do not have the resources available that OWWR has. The questions are:

If you were the Programming Director of OWWR what type of programming would you provide for your listeners both on and off the campus, and why?

Now knowing some new capabilities of your facilities here at Westbury, what other types of engaging events would you organize/host both on and off the campus, (ie: live programming, call-in shows, etc…), and how would your promote them?

Lastly, if Westbury College had an FM station, why, or why not do you feel that the qualities of the current programming is appropriate for airing purposes? Do you feel that we are providing our listening communities with quality programming, which acts in the interest, convenience and the necessities of the public? Do you feel our programming would please the university administration? Would you follow FCC practices, once outlined for you?

Chattanooga State Radio Station Going Online;

Tower, License To Be Soldposted March 19, 2008Chattanooga State Community College President Dr. Jim Catanzaro said the college's radio station, WAWL, will be converted to web radio.He said the school was facing a cost of well over $1 million to convert the station to digital and has decided to sell the license and radio tower located at Flintstone, Ga.Dr. Catanzaro said proceeds from the sale will be used to convert the former WTCI TV building on campus into the home of the radio.He said the sale also will allow enhanced radio equipment for use by the students so they can do live remotes and other ventures that are not currently feasible.
Dr. Catanzaro said the station will no longer be under FCC regulation and students will be able to take more of a management role at the station.He said the college earlier engaged a broker to try to find a buyer for the license and tower. He said he believes a deal has been reached to sell it for $1.5 million.Dr. Catanzaro said under Tennessee Board of Regent rules he does not yet know the identity of the buyer.He said there will be no cutback in radio staff.Students in the mass communication program were told about the change on Wednesday morning.Judy Lowe is over media services, and Will McDonald is the professor who works directly with the radio program.Dr. Catanzaro said the FM radio market for the station had been "rapidly declining" with young people going to newer media forms, including the Internet.He said the station has several very popular shows with a wide audience and those will continue online.He said the station's shows will be archived and a web user can listen to them at one's leisure. The move will also allow a needed expansion of the school testing center, he said.He said some proceeds of the sale will be used "to enhance other student services."


In addition, please feel free to include any thoughts or comments you have relative the topic, or the questions above.

Thank you and take care.
Good Luck.

~ JM

Sunday, March 30, 2008


In my opinion, the punishment of expulsion is way too harsh for what occurred. The girl on the show wanted to be on the show, and if it wasn't for her stupid mom making such a big deal about it nothing would have happend. Also, the girl's job was being a exotic dancer, yet her mom is upset about her appearing on a radio show? Her mom should be embarrassed about the career choice her child has chosen, not about a student run radio show. It's not like the disc jockey on the show made the girl do anything, or persuaded her to become a stripper. The Fcc should however monitor all shows on college campuses, not just certain ones. In conclusion, the punishment was retarded, and it was really not that big of a deal. 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Response to Questions 2 and 3

In my opinion I think the college was too harsh. Expelling the student was very severe. Even though the student did break some rules someone could have stopped the show. Somebody could have taken the show off the air. There are better ways that situation could have been dealt with. As far as the FCC being involved, I think it would be a bad idea. I think this because colleges are already creating enough administration on the radio stations at their universities. If the FCC was to become involved things would just be more complicated. I think that people should be more responsible for what they put on the air. The on air plug can always be pulled and if a listener does not like the show they could always change the station.

Question 1

If an on air disc jockey made a negative comment about my neighborhood or myself, i would take it for what its worth, and ignore his stupid comments. Radio personalities are entitled to their own opinions, no matter how ignorant they are. As for if i feel DJ Randy's punishment is enough, i can't really judge that. He didn't offend me. I didn't even know what a trailer park was. I have done research on them though, and seems to me that DJ Randy isn't the only person that thinks they are a less than glamourous place to reside in. In conclusion, it's his job to express his opinion, and i dont think he should be punished for that.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

question 1

If a disc jockey made an on air comment about me or anything related to me I would be upset. Disc jockeys are supposed to watch what they say and trashing somebody or a group of people on the air for no reason is unprofessional. I do think that disc jockeys have the right to criticize on the air. I don’t think they should have the right to just make an obscene comment. If they have criticism to give they should have details to back it up. I would give the disc jockey a big fine for being unprofessional. I think the punishment was too light on DJ Randy and he should have had it more severe.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

question 2&3

I think that the students should be investigated before any decision of being ex-spelled is made. This is because i feel the students should be held responsible to some extent,this is because they obviously didn't know the guidelines that the station held. On the other hand i feel the students should be held responsible and maybe loss thier show for a while because the topic to me wasnt apporaite for a school radio station.And if the FCC chooses to take actions on the University they should be held accountable because there should be some kind of supervision during the station shows and make them pay a fine and hire new workers so that the job will be completed the right way.I feel these kind of shows should not be allowed to air on university radio because its not something apporaite as a whole for the student body. I feel these things can be shown or talked about amongst the student body and thier peers at their own lesiure.

question #1

I would personally go off because i feel no one has any right to degrade anyone or any place that someone may live or come from just because they may have seen or heard something. I feel if you should get facts before making a statement. I would do my best with all kinds of way to complain and get my voice to be heard. I dont think radio jockeys should have the right to make statments without some form of discpilne afterwards so that they will realize that thier actions aren't right. With some form of disclpine this will hopefully teach them a lesson.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Question 1: If an on-air disc jockey made a negative reference about me or my neighborhood, I'd be highly offended. I think when you attack someone personally, it creates a lot of controversy. I believe everyone has the right of "freedom of speech", which we as Americans are entitled to, but there is also a point of taking it too far. I think people should be more careful about what they say to a public auidnece and make a reference when they are joking, because if you attack someone verbally it is likely you will be attacked back. I don't think I would take any action. I beleive you sometimes just have to accept criticism becuase it happens everyday; but if it was a negative reference that I thought I should fight for, I would do so.

I think that radio jocks should have a basic set of rules, so if slanderous comments are made, it won't get out of hand. I think negative comments will always be said, becuase conflict attarcts a lot of people's eyes and ears. I think this is wrong, but people continue to watch and listen to controversial topics and arguments. I think people should know when to be quiet and when a comment is acceptable. I feel as though DJ Randy's punishment was acceptable because people took a stand for what they beleived was right, and had good points against him. I think he needed to get suspended just to know what you say on-air can't always be "safe."

Question 2&3: I don't think that the student should have gotten expelled, because I think more fault should be placed upon the radio station. If they knew what was happening they should have told the student to stop or unplug it themselves. I don't think the student was informed exactally what he could or could not say, and it was a lack of communication between the dpeartment and their students.

I think if the FCC were to pursue action against the students, it would be good . I think that if each school follows the same FCC rules, it would only be fair to punish the students. I think that the students know what is inapproiate and what is appropriate, since they are adults. I think punishment will help them learn from their mistakes. I also think the college should get in trouble, becuase they have to take responsibility for what a student does in the classroom. I also think the college should have enforced the rules and regulations more clearly, and so the blame should not just be placed on the students. I think an event like " Kinky Olympics" should not be on college radio, becuase I think it was to controversial. I think the mother and the daughter would have been offended and they had no right to use this material. I think college radio should be informative and help us gain knowledge for our futures. It should also be fun, but it should not discolse information that would go against college or FCC rules.


If a DJ or some media worker made a negative reference to me or about my neighborhood, I’ll probably sue him/her according to the law. I lack of the skills of arguing or defending myself by words. Since he/her offended me and affected my personal image and social status, I might not take any revenge directly, but let the law speak out for me. (Laws that prohibit certain kind of offensive speech and comments) He/or her should suffer penalties both from the law and morality.

Even though in America, where people possess high level of freedom of speech, jocks should not make those types of slanderous comments without penalties. People who work in the field of media communication should be more cautious and sensitive about their comments, because it will be published or broadcast for the public and spread out. I don’t think that his penalty is enough because he refused to apologize on air the other day, which is really unacceptable. I think the station should apologize to the public immediately anyway.

Now I am in America and it is not news for me that some of the media often make negative reference to my country—China, which I could do nothing about it, but feel helpless and pathetic. Some of the critics are true and justified that I can have a more objective and impartial view of my country than ever before. Some reports and comments, however, are exaggerated and deliberately denigrated China’s image. For example, Chinese products, especially food and toys are often highlighted by the American media. The shame of unsafe food and toys are not merely for the manufacturers in China, but also the mother companies in the U.S. Human rights and other social problems cannot escape the eyes of western media. My point is that some of the media often get rid of the complex actual situation of a country, and avoid some of the facts according to their will and benefits both economically and politically. My goal as a media communicator is try my best to tell the truth and lead the public opinions in a correct way.

Q2 &3:
I don’t think that the student should be expelled. I am not clear about the rules and regulations about FCC and I’ve been looking on line for a long time, and, still can’t find the answer for it. Certain penalties such as warnings are acceptable, but I think that those students should not be expelled.
According to the official website of FCC (www.fcc.gov), The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.
However, the FCC has been criticized on many fronts, both for being too restrictive and too permissive in its regulation. In the actions taken against broadcasters, the FCC is frequently criticized for violating the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech, both directly by censorship and enforcement action sometimes alleged to be politically motivated, and indirectly by the general intimidation that FCC action allegedly creates, particularly with the U.S. Congress considering increasing fines exponentially.
I think that the FCC should do something to prevent events or programs like this to be on campus and avoid programs about drugs, violence and sex entering campus. I don’t think events and programming similar to this one should be on college radio. If it is allowed to be on campus, what is the difference between college and the complicated society? What is the guarantee of the holy educating atmosphere in college?

Response to question

Question 1:
If a Dj made a negative reference to me or my neighborhood I would be angry. That us disrespectful and I am glad that he got suspended. Certain jockies have no right to talk like that on the air. I understand the suspension with pay because he probably did not mean to say that in a mean way.

Question 2:
I dont think a student should be expelled after stating the Fm after saying their stations name. It is just 2 letters, I understand that it is illegal to have one but saying it does not mean u should get expelled. If the university get fined that radio dj should get suspended for a while.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If an on-air dj made a negative comment about me or where I live I’d probably be pissed. I don’t think there is much to do but, complain. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about where people live and about people in general. As Americans we are allowed freedom of speech. While, I do believe the Randy’s comments where ignorant he could have been joking around. People have a tendency to act dramatic to certain things, and I think this was one of the cases.

Randy should have though twice before he made that comment. From looking at his MySpace page he is very open about his sexuality and while the comments he made doesn’t have to do with it but, he should think would I want someone to say slanderous comments about my sexuality. I do understand they are two different things but, he should think before he talks sometimes.

While reading the Newsday article about Randy’s apology a comment made by someone struck me:

"They went after Imus for basically the same thing -- and Imus didn't attack an entire tri-hamlet," said Zeleny, referring to the firing last April at another radio station of shock jock Don Imus for disparaging Rutgers' women's basketball players.
Correct me if I’m wrong but, what Imus said was WAY worse than what Randy said. Imus got fired for his comments and Randy getting suspended for two days w/ dock pay because of comments he made about a trailer park. I don’t see how the two are the same?

Also, I do believe that the media pulls out things that they want us to hear. For example they have that Randy said:
"Did your pipes freeze under the trailer, or do you have that stuff down there to keep them warm?"
We don’t know how Randy said it. He could have been joking around or the caller could have been rude. If someone listens to say like Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo the DJ’s sometimes go back at a rude caller. It’s all about how it was said on air. On paper anything can sound rude and nasty.

I actually believe that Randy’s punishment was too harsh. At first the radio station wasn’t going to make a big deal about his comment. It wasn’t until the media picked up the story and ran with it. Suspending someone for two days and docking their pay in my opinion unnecessary. The area that Randy was talking about is known for having sex offenders. I bet if he said a nasty/rude comment about the sex offenders this wouldn’t be a problem.

Question 2 & 3:

In my opinion I don’t know if he should be expelled. While, he did break the school rules there is also responsibility on the college radio station department. If they knew what was going on right away it should have been pulled. Someone could have gone in the studio while the show was on telling him to go to commercial or a song then pull the plug on the show. In response to the college DJ trying to compare himself to Howard Stern I think that’s the dumbest thing ever. Stern isn’t a college radio station but, when he was on syndication with Clear Channels he had to follow the same FCC rules.

According to Albany.edu some FCC rules for college are:

College radio is free format and non-commercial but what can be said and played is still restricted by the FCC. Obscene language or the use of the 7 dirty words (you know what they are) cannot be used at anytime. Music containing obscene language or content can only be played within the areas of 10pm and 6 am. This time period is called safe harbor. Obscene language still cannot be used, but songs with obscene language or content can be played.”
But, the rules have nothing about college radio and sexual acts. But, I think that’s probably because the colleges themselves have rules against that.

According to NorthJersey.com the DJ’s for this show also had video on a website of a man writing in whip cream on a naked girl.

Some of the raunchy videos — which apparently date to a broadcast of the Randy Rogers show in February — were posted on one of the disc jockey's Web sites Friday and were not removed until The Record tried to contact the DJs. One of the videos featured a man writing Rogers' initials in whipped cream on the body of a naked girl in what appears to be the FM radio station's studio.”

I do believe this is probably the reason they got pulled and will be expelled. While the DJ’s in a follow up article said “there were no incidents involving sex acts or nudity.” There is no way of proving that especially now since there have been videos showing lap dances and the whip cream incident in the radio station on the radio. The college has to do what’s right and the DJ’s should have been following the rules but, there is also a big problem with the lack of responsibility from the people who work at the college radio station. The plug should have been pulled on this show as soon as the first incident happened. If that happened the college station would not be in this much trouble.

If the FCC does take action against the students it might teach them a lesson that they can’t get away with this type of action. I think the FCC should fine the college too. The college failed at their duties as a radio station. It’s suppose to be a professional environment and every college station should have to follow the FCC rules because it prepares the students who want to get into radio for a career and they will know what can and can’t be done. But, also these college DJ’s are not Howard Stern. I feel like they knew what they were doing from the start. If the college gets fined maybe this will cause them to be more hands on with the station. But, also at the same time I feel bad for the DJ’s who didn’t do anything wrong and they are getting punished for the actions of one show.

The show title alon
e “The Kinky Olympics” should have been a heads up to the people running the college radio station. Shows like this shouldn’t be allowed on radio at all. Today college radio is available online just like any other radio station (like Z100 and 101.9) so considering any age could be listening the FCC rules need to be enforced. Aside from the FCC rules a person should use moral judgment in saying anything or doing anything that might offend a person. In this case it was the exotic dancer’s mother after she saw the video online.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello CEI:

The following are THREE of your assignments for the weeks below in BOLD. Please answer all THREE questions in their entirety, thoughtfully, and grammatically correct. Ensure to use factual information, and provide website links where applicable.

WEEK OF 3.3.08:

Below is an article from Newsday with regards to DJ Randy from WBLI for a slanderous comment he made about the residents In Mastic/Shirley area in Suffolk County, NY on-air.

In addition, I have posted some links you could use in your research.

If an on-air disc jockey made a negative reference to you, about you, or about your neighborhood, what would you do?
Should jocks have the right to make those types of slanderous comments without penalties? Ask a radio station manager, what would you decide the disciplinary action should be… if any? Do you feel DJ Randys penalty was enough, or not enough and why?



WBLI host to apologize to Mastic area residents
10:50 PM EST, February 29, 2008
An embattled radio host who ridiculed the poverty of the Mastic area is expected to apologize Monday to a firehouse full of irate residents, a station spokesman said Friday.But whatever words of sorrow WBLI-FM co-host Randy Spears offers Monday morning at the Mastic fire station won't placate the Concerned Citizens of Mastic Beach, which plans to picket Saturday outside the West Babylon radio station to demand his ouster, said the group's vice president, Victor Zeleny."They went after Imus for basically the same thing -- and Imus didn't attack an entire tri-hamlet," said Zeleny, referring to the firing last April at another radio station of shock jock Don Imus for disparaging Rutgers' women's basketball players.Spears -- who has co-hosted "BLI in the Morning" on WBLI for 21/2 years -- stoked the ire of local politicians and activists on Wednesday by asking a caller from the Mastic area, "Did your pipes freeze under the trailer, or do you have that stuff down there to keep them warm?"The caller countered that she lived in a house and said she was "very angry," prompting Spears' reply: "Just think, if you win this game, the whole trailer park will be excited."People in Mastic, Mastic Beach and Shirley have been trying for years to shake the South Shore communities' reputation of a higher-than-usual concentration of low-income residents and sex offenders. The area garnered bad press earlier this year when three separate children reported being accosted by men.After Spears continued to anger activists the next day by refusing to apologize on the air, station management banned him from the airwaves and suspended him without pay, said station spokesman Todd Shapiro.Petitions were circulated. Boycotts were threatened.But assuming Spears apologizes to the station's satisfaction, he will be back on the air though his pay will have been docked for two days, Shapiro said.Zeleny, the protest organizer, said he would still push advertisers to boycott the station because Spears didn't immediately apologize.Spears -- station management wouldn't reveal his real name -- has not responded to numerous attempts by Newsday to reach him, including through electronic messages and requests to the station's publicist.The 106.1-FM morning show is ranked fifth in morning drive-time on Long Island, according to the Arbitron ratings service.Staff writer John Valenti .contributed to this story.
Copyright © 2008,
Newsday Inc.


WEEK OF 3.10.2008 & 3.24.2008
Below is an article from the 1010 WINS website. The story is about a college jock under fire for his racy show. Please conduct your own research in addition to what I provided.

QUESTION #2 & QUESTION #3 (covering both weeks)
Although activities like this are acceptable on commercial radio stations, non-commercial radio stations have different rules and regulations. Either way, if you have FM after your call letters, you are subject to FCC fines, investigations, and sometimes worse. Do you feel that these students should be expelled, and why? If the FCC decides to peruse actions against the jocks, what should it be and why? If the FCC decides to peruse actions against the university, what should those actions be and why? Do feel events and programming similar to this one should be on college radio, why or why not?

College DJ Under Fire for Racy Show, Videos
MONTCLAIR, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- A
Montclair State University student under fire for his racy radio show has responded to the school's investigation by comparing himself to America's most famous shock jock and vowing to take his show online.
"In regards to the heat about my radio show, I cannot say it was unexpected," the student — who goes by the radio name Randy Rogers — wrote in an e-mail to the Associated Press on Saturday. "Howard Stern battled for years due to his content."
Rogers and a fellow DJ, who calls himself Jay Jay Smooth, are under investigation by the university for a show on
WMSC-FM that may have included naked women, lap dancing and other sex acts.The show was pulled from the air this week when videos, apparently from a February event called the Kinky Olympics, surfaced online showing raunchy activities that may have occurred inside the college-owned studio.
Rogers said the controversy started when the mother of a 19-year-old exotic dancer reacted negatively to the girl's appearance on the show.
"I just wish the mother would have recognized this was her daughter's choice," he said.
Rogers plans to restart his show next week using online audio and video distribution. However, he said the new show — now called "Too Cool for School" — will instead "go for a similar but classier theme."
Minne Ho, a university spokeswoman, said the students may face expulsion from the school and the station could face fines from the Federal Communications Commission.
Montclair State University has not released the names of the students involved, citing privacy concerns. For now school officials are investigating whether the individuals involved were students at the university, Ho said.
The school also is considering plans to remove control of the radio station from the student government and place it under the control of an independent board.
The only regret Rogers expressed in his e-mail related to the fate of the station.
"As for WMSC Radio, I really am sorry things went this far," he said. "I should have used better judgment when performing these shows."
Earlier this year, university administrators moved to separate the school's student newspaper from its student government after the Student Government Association cut off funding for the paper after a dispute over articles critical of closed meetings.


Good luck on your assignments and see you in class on Tuesday.
Take care and thanks.

~ JM