Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Response to Question 3

I agree that there has been a decrease in radio listenership. I also agree that the United States has seen a decrease in newspaper readers too. I agree with the article because journalist should connect with readers, blog, and create community projects. Right now with new technologies, journalism is evolving. I think that journalist have to adjust to the changing times. I have not witnessed or participated in community journalism but I would consider it in the future. I would participate because I would like to try something new and keep up with the changing times.

Response to Question 2

In a way, I agree with the article. Journalists let the public know what is going on in world we live in today. Journalists are a big part of society today. I think journalist should cover a variety of topics. The topics should be from all around the world. This is a way to keep the public informed about what is happening. Journalists play a vital role in the public’s right to know the truth.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Response for question of week 3/31/08

Question 1: If i were a program director of OWWR the kind of program that i would provide for listerners whould revolve around campus affairs. With a mojority of the population of the campus being students i would make sure that they know what is goin on at all times on campus. I would adress important events and deadlines that woudld be of help to the student body.

Question 2: Amongst the many ways that there are to promote events on campus and promote events..my outlet would be to have evenst that bring studnets together. Game nights, parties, an fundraisers are good ways to get students involved and informed. with all of there things, students will not only know the informations first hand but it will also spread through work of mouth.

Question 3: No i do not feel that our programing will please university administration because it isnt diverse nor is it very informative. Most of our programs disciuss what goes on in campus, but people need to also know what is going on around them in their communites. Innorder to get an FM station i feel that we need to reach the quality of radio stations like BLI that adress a community not jsut a group of people

Response to state of singapore jornalism

Question 1: I definatly feel that civic journalism should be practiced in the united states. The information that we are fed regualy through newspapers and tevevison is often controled. Not only can up and comming jornalist cna get their opinion across,through civic jornalism people will have an unedited broadcast of what is going on in their areas.

Question 2: I do agree with what the article stands for becuse a jornalist job is to deliver what is the publics right to know. Without jornalist many of u woudl be in the dark about what goes on in our communities. i feel in the US journalist stand for providing information. Unlike other countries, their journalist live in fear as to what they can published or exposed. and Us jsornalist make sure that they share as much with the public as they know. topics that journalist should cover are information reguarding our govornment and foreign affairs

Question 3: i feel that journalist should move with the flow of the public and become more involved in bloging becuse people no matter what need to be informed. I have not been too involved in the movement of civic journalism, but as society is moving in that direction i know i will be faced to use it in the near future.

Response to Questions of "State of Singapore Journalism"

Yes. Civic journalism should be practiced more in the United State. One important fact that this article argues is that civic journalism would increase the readers’ interest in reading newspapers and participating in journalism. The shrinking of audience in reading newspapers is not just happening in Singapore, or the U.S., it is a worldwide phenomenon. In the article, the author gives us an example about how the community newspaper in the U.S. to deal with that problem. It resulted in “growing consciousness of public or civic journalism…the press is restyled to re-engage the public.” On the other hand, the public is always eager for the access to politics, events at home and abroad, and all kinds of honest information. With the development of electronic equipment—the Internet, cell phone, digital camera, etc.—it is easier to engage in civic journalism. It provides the possibility for the public practicing civic journalism. Moreover, civic journalism is the reflection and real experiment of a public sphere and freedom of speech. I think civic journalism will be the trend of media communication.
Question 2:
In the article, the author use the quote of Jay Rosen to present what the journalists stand for: “they uphold the public’s right to know, a spirit of openness and honesty in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news.” I agree with this. The duty for journalists is to provide information, or more precisely, news. Journalists are the recorders of history. And the true and fist spirit of journalism is truthfulness and accuracy, justice and fair. Also, I agree with the author that “the press should try to help reconnect politics and government and make sure that public’s right to hear its concerns is discussed.” Therefore, journalists should not just report. They have some more important functions in the society. It should be responsible to the public, as the connection between the public and the government.

I think journalists stand for the people here in the U.S. One great and fundamental aspect of journalism in the U.S. is that the public can hear all kinds of news and opinion, both good and bad. The press are privet, not state own, so they would not obviously stand for certain kind of political power. The journalists have more freedom on reporting and criticizing. All kinds of voices can be heard, therefore, a public sphere is created and the journalists are more prone to the public and justice.
Journalists should cover all kinds of news that the people concern and that would affect people’s lives. Reporting big issues like economics and political policies can help people to make decisions and adjust to them. Small local news would also be importance to certain groups of people.
Question 3:
Absolutely! Journalists should “connect with readers… and blog…and create community projects.” Making full use of the technology would help the evolvement of the media communications. I don’t think we should keep on thinking how to maintain the traditional mediums. We should step forward and create new style of communication. It is a good idea to connect with readers, blog and community projects. Each individual belongs to the society, and each individual can be the contributor to the community and society.
By far, I have not participated in community journalism (unless if school newspaper counts.) in the future, I would definitely participate in any form of community journalism, because one of my goal in life is to help the development of my community and the society. Civic journalism will be a good choice.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

answers to 3.3.08

Question 1.

If an on air disk jockey made a negative reference to me or about me and my neighborhood, I would be offended but at the same can’t do anything about it. One thing I can say we are all entitled to our own opinions but at a place of work and business especially where people are listening, it’s quite disrespectful and should be taken into the hands of those who are over them.

Question 2.

No one ever knows the reason why certain people are in the position that they are in and disk jockeys should be held accountable for their actions on air. Being on air is their job, and it must be done in decency and in order. Many times we overlook those who are in that type of position because of their title but we must treat each other with respect at all times. His punishment was a little harsh but he was still held accountable for his actions.

Response to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide the type of programming that interest the listeners. The listeners are our main focus. I would make the programming diverse so that everyone feels like they can enjoy it. I would make it so that listeners would love to tune in to the show weekly or daily.

I would hosts many types of engaging events such as live concerts by recording artists and during those nights that the recording artist would perform I would promote the upcoming artist on and off campus. I would use that as a tool to promote not only their talent but that would give the radio station good feedback from those who are outside of the Old Westbury community.

If we had a FM station I personally believe we wouldn’t get too many listeners. In today’s communities, we like to hear things that pertain to us and what we like to do. Not saying OWWR doesn’t meet that standard but it’s always about making some type of connection with your listeners. For example, many people listen to the Wendy Williams show that comes on 107.5 WBLS because there is some type interest that we as her listeners get out of that show. Same should be with OWWR. I think that the station pleases the university administration. I would follow the FCC practices because those who are really serious about making this a career it would give them a heads up of how to do so.