Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1.I feel civic journalism should be practiced more in the United States, especially amongst the youth. Civic Journalists can promote being proactive ant enables people to uncover their own truths about certain situation instead of relying on a dominant media source. Civic journalism can also promote solutions for certain problems in the community. If the journalist are experiencing what they are writing about they are more prepared to solve the problems. The only potential downfall would be a grave rise in competition between fellow journalists.

2. I do agree with the article with regards to what a journalist stands for. It is a journalists job to provide an honest source of information to the public. I feel journalists should cover topics relevant to people's everyday lives

3. I feel it is very important for journalists to connect with it's readers just by the virtue of the conflict presented in the question. The question states how newspaper readers and radio listenership has decreased. Having community projects and blogs can stimulate interest in readers. I've never really participated in community journalism but I am looking to do so in the future because it seems interesting to me

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