Monday, May 12, 2008

Response for question of week 3/31/08

Question 1: If i were a program director of OWWR the kind of program that i would provide for listerners whould revolve around campus affairs. With a mojority of the population of the campus being students i would make sure that they know what is goin on at all times on campus. I would adress important events and deadlines that woudld be of help to the student body.

Question 2: Amongst the many ways that there are to promote events on campus and promote outlet would be to have evenst that bring studnets together. Game nights, parties, an fundraisers are good ways to get students involved and informed. with all of there things, students will not only know the informations first hand but it will also spread through work of mouth.

Question 3: No i do not feel that our programing will please university administration because it isnt diverse nor is it very informative. Most of our programs disciuss what goes on in campus, but people need to also know what is going on around them in their communites. Innorder to get an FM station i feel that we need to reach the quality of radio stations like BLI that adress a community not jsut a group of people

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