Wednesday, March 26, 2008

question 2&3

I think that the students should be investigated before any decision of being ex-spelled is made. This is because i feel the students should be held responsible to some extent,this is because they obviously didn't know the guidelines that the station held. On the other hand i feel the students should be held responsible and maybe loss thier show for a while because the topic to me wasnt apporaite for a school radio station.And if the FCC chooses to take actions on the University they should be held accountable because there should be some kind of supervision during the station shows and make them pay a fine and hire new workers so that the job will be completed the right way.I feel these kind of shows should not be allowed to air on university radio because its not something apporaite as a whole for the student body. I feel these things can be shown or talked about amongst the student body and thier peers at their own lesiure.

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