Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Question 1: If an on-air disc jockey made a negative reference about me or my neighborhood, I'd be highly offended. I think when you attack someone personally, it creates a lot of controversy. I believe everyone has the right of "freedom of speech", which we as Americans are entitled to, but there is also a point of taking it too far. I think people should be more careful about what they say to a public auidnece and make a reference when they are joking, because if you attack someone verbally it is likely you will be attacked back. I don't think I would take any action. I beleive you sometimes just have to accept criticism becuase it happens everyday; but if it was a negative reference that I thought I should fight for, I would do so.

I think that radio jocks should have a basic set of rules, so if slanderous comments are made, it won't get out of hand. I think negative comments will always be said, becuase conflict attarcts a lot of people's eyes and ears. I think this is wrong, but people continue to watch and listen to controversial topics and arguments. I think people should know when to be quiet and when a comment is acceptable. I feel as though DJ Randy's punishment was acceptable because people took a stand for what they beleived was right, and had good points against him. I think he needed to get suspended just to know what you say on-air can't always be "safe."

Question 2&3: I don't think that the student should have gotten expelled, because I think more fault should be placed upon the radio station. If they knew what was happening they should have told the student to stop or unplug it themselves. I don't think the student was informed exactally what he could or could not say, and it was a lack of communication between the dpeartment and their students.

I think if the FCC were to pursue action against the students, it would be good . I think that if each school follows the same FCC rules, it would only be fair to punish the students. I think that the students know what is inapproiate and what is appropriate, since they are adults. I think punishment will help them learn from their mistakes. I also think the college should get in trouble, becuase they have to take responsibility for what a student does in the classroom. I also think the college should have enforced the rules and regulations more clearly, and so the blame should not just be placed on the students. I think an event like " Kinky Olympics" should not be on college radio, becuase I think it was to controversial. I think the mother and the daughter would have been offended and they had no right to use this material. I think college radio should be informative and help us gain knowledge for our futures. It should also be fun, but it should not discolse information that would go against college or FCC rules.

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