Saturday, April 5, 2008

Response to question for the week of 03-31-08

If I were the Program Director at OWWR the main focus of my programming would be to create an environment where students are proud to be at Old Westbury. I guess it can be called promoting school spirit. I would try to gear the topics on the station to the campus. If there were shows that focused on topics on other topics I would somehow try to relate it to our school. I would try to promote call-in shows to make the campus more interactive. I would try to promote more events on campus.I feel if Old Westbury had a FM station we would have to make an effort to make our programs unique. It would be hard to get listeners if the station had shows just like to numerous ones already on FM. I would follow FCC practices

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Response to questions 3.31.08

If I was the programming director of OWWR, news about Old Westbury campus life would be the mainstream. It is because OWWR is an on campus web radio station, and the audiences are students and staff here in Old Westbury, the programs should concern more about campus life and events that relates to the students. Even students who are live on campus would not know much about what’s going on, let alone the commuters. Some live shows of campus events would make campus life more lively. Previews of the events would tell students what to do and where to spend time on campus.

Like what I mentioned before, some live shows good ways to present our campus life to all the students and stuff on Old Westbury. For example, we can make the SGA election live on air so it can involve more students’ concerns. And I would organize open forums about issues of academic, school policy, campus life, etc, inviting some professors, staff and students. At the same time, students who are not in the studio can call, email or on line discuss (on OWWR web page).

To be honestly, I don’t listen to OWWR that much (but I know I should) and I can’t make any judgment about the qualities of the current programs. What I think is it is not necessary for us to have an FM station and no need to spend money on it, concerning the audience rate. Web radio is more convenient and flexible. I would follow FCC practices. If you are in certain industry, groups or organizations, you are subject to certain regulations and policies that make the whole system running organically. It’s acceptable to follow the practices.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think if Old Westbury introduced a F.M. station to the campus i feel the qualities would be very much apporaite which would also gain more listners. I would also follow the FCC guidelines just because there has to be some form of structure within the station, but this may cause adminstartion to feel that they arent being pleased but I think that would be okay because the main issue is to please our lsitening audience.


The engaging events that i would create would be more on campus concerts in doors and out, I would also aim to get major entainers from each genre of music to come out to perfrom for our students. I would also aim to try and have some shows at major arenas such as nassu colisuem, msg, and maybe even radio city music hall.These opportunites would be promoted by constant rotation on our school radio shows, flyers, R.A's, student e-mail's, and facebook along with myspace because most students check their accounts on a daily basis.

3/31/08 #1

I personally would take a major survey around campus and choose from the top geners of music to create the radio stations for off and on campus students. I would take a survey because it would give every student the chance to voice what they like and what they want to hear on their school radio show.

Monday, March 31, 2008

question 1: If I was the program director I would make sure that all music genres had a show. I know with our station we have only 3 or 4 shows that don't play rap, hip hop or r&b. I would make that number higher. In order to bring in more listeners we need to have shows for everyone and not just focus on one specific area. Also if I was the program direction I would try to get live interviews with music artists or even actors/actresses from tv and movies.

question 2: I think one even that might be good at the college would be live concerts. When I get to NCC we had a concert club that had a budget for concerts. Each year there were 4 concerts (two each semester) and each concert was a different type of music. I think this college would benefit from that especially with the activities fee that we all pay. I do think we need more interaction between the listeners and the hosts. We could do more events like Social Thursdays or even something on the weekends. I would promote this the same way I promote the other activities that the station is doing. Post it on Myspace/Facebook, the OWWR Blog, and even get the newspaper to print the ads. The more interaction we get with the students and they will tell their friends about us and it will take off from there.

question 3: If OW had a real FM station I think the qualities of the programs might be appropriate if we say we are a most hip hop, rap and r&b station. We couldn't say we were mainstream because most of the shows don't play the music that you would hear say like on Z100 or WBLI. I don't think the station is filling in everyones needs because we don't appeal to everyones music taste. I think the way the station is run we should please the administration and if we don't they should tell us how we could. I would follow the FCC rules. I actually think the FCC rules are important for college radio because if someone is trying to get into radio as a career they will need to know the rules for the FCC so one doesn't get fired.

Hello CEI

Hello CEI,

Please read the following question below and answer it to the best of your ability.
Please conduct your own research as needed, for other instances other than the one provided.


As college radio continues to evolve from all aspects including content, technologies, audience listenership and participation, promotion, production and more, below is a classic case of yet another demise of the college radio station on FM, going strictly to Web Radio. Many universities continue to become aware of the changes in radio, and is providing new ways for the college radio student to broadcast both audio, video, and more, such is the case for OWWR.

Internet radio stations provide many valuable resources for any college student in any major. OWWR provides many opportunities in all levels of broadcasting both in front, or behind the scenes. Students can become involved with news, sports, music and talk show programming, hosting events live, or pre-recorded, both on and of the campus, servicing the needs of listeners worldwide and yet providing programming relative to its market.

Many students do not have the resources available that OWWR has. The questions are:

If you were the Programming Director of OWWR what type of programming would you provide for your listeners both on and off the campus, and why?

Now knowing some new capabilities of your facilities here at Westbury, what other types of engaging events would you organize/host both on and off the campus, (ie: live programming, call-in shows, etc…), and how would your promote them?

Lastly, if Westbury College had an FM station, why, or why not do you feel that the qualities of the current programming is appropriate for airing purposes? Do you feel that we are providing our listening communities with quality programming, which acts in the interest, convenience and the necessities of the public? Do you feel our programming would please the university administration? Would you follow FCC practices, once outlined for you?

Chattanooga State Radio Station Going Online;

Tower, License To Be Soldposted March 19, 2008Chattanooga State Community College President Dr. Jim Catanzaro said the college's radio station, WAWL, will be converted to web radio.He said the school was facing a cost of well over $1 million to convert the station to digital and has decided to sell the license and radio tower located at Flintstone, Ga.Dr. Catanzaro said proceeds from the sale will be used to convert the former WTCI TV building on campus into the home of the radio.He said the sale also will allow enhanced radio equipment for use by the students so they can do live remotes and other ventures that are not currently feasible.
Dr. Catanzaro said the station will no longer be under FCC regulation and students will be able to take more of a management role at the station.He said the college earlier engaged a broker to try to find a buyer for the license and tower. He said he believes a deal has been reached to sell it for $1.5 million.Dr. Catanzaro said under Tennessee Board of Regent rules he does not yet know the identity of the buyer.He said there will be no cutback in radio staff.Students in the mass communication program were told about the change on Wednesday morning.Judy Lowe is over media services, and Will McDonald is the professor who works directly with the radio program.Dr. Catanzaro said the FM radio market for the station had been "rapidly declining" with young people going to newer media forms, including the Internet.He said the station has several very popular shows with a wide audience and those will continue online.He said the station's shows will be archived and a web user can listen to them at one's leisure. The move will also allow a needed expansion of the school testing center, he said.He said some proceeds of the sale will be used "to enhance other student services."


In addition, please feel free to include any thoughts or comments you have relative the topic, or the questions above.

Thank you and take care.
Good Luck.

~ JM

Sunday, March 30, 2008


In my opinion, the punishment of expulsion is way too harsh for what occurred. The girl on the show wanted to be on the show, and if it wasn't for her stupid mom making such a big deal about it nothing would have happend. Also, the girl's job was being a exotic dancer, yet her mom is upset about her appearing on a radio show? Her mom should be embarrassed about the career choice her child has chosen, not about a student run radio show. It's not like the disc jockey on the show made the girl do anything, or persuaded her to become a stripper. The Fcc should however monitor all shows on college campuses, not just certain ones. In conclusion, the punishment was retarded, and it was really not that big of a deal.