Thursday, April 3, 2008

Response to questions 3.31.08

If I was the programming director of OWWR, news about Old Westbury campus life would be the mainstream. It is because OWWR is an on campus web radio station, and the audiences are students and staff here in Old Westbury, the programs should concern more about campus life and events that relates to the students. Even students who are live on campus would not know much about what’s going on, let alone the commuters. Some live shows of campus events would make campus life more lively. Previews of the events would tell students what to do and where to spend time on campus.

Like what I mentioned before, some live shows good ways to present our campus life to all the students and stuff on Old Westbury. For example, we can make the SGA election live on air so it can involve more students’ concerns. And I would organize open forums about issues of academic, school policy, campus life, etc, inviting some professors, staff and students. At the same time, students who are not in the studio can call, email or on line discuss (on OWWR web page).

To be honestly, I don’t listen to OWWR that much (but I know I should) and I can’t make any judgment about the qualities of the current programs. What I think is it is not necessary for us to have an FM station and no need to spend money on it, concerning the audience rate. Web radio is more convenient and flexible. I would follow FCC practices. If you are in certain industry, groups or organizations, you are subject to certain regulations and policies that make the whole system running organically. It’s acceptable to follow the practices.

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