Monday, April 7, 2008


Question 1 : If I was the program director of OWWR, I would make the radio station pretain to the campus life and city life. I think many people enjoy hearing about the latest trends, actors/actresses, and other entertainment but there are plenty of other sources that give out that information. There are television shows, the internet, and newspapers and they all provide information on mostly everything. I think OWWR should be about what is happening on campus, promote school spirit, and just be about our community at Old Westbury. I also think it should include social events/parties/internships that are happening in Long Island and New York City. I think there would be more listeners, because anyone can just go on the internet and look up hollywood's hottest new couple; yet they wouldn't be able to find the next new exciting thing happening on SUNY Old Westbury's campus.

Question 2: I would organize a beach event, because Jones Beach is beautiful and close by. I would have a popular artist perform on a stage, have food and drinks, contests, free giveaways, and a bonfire late at night. I would make this event happen by getting sponsors and having fundraisers. I would promote the event around school with flyers, through word-of-mouth, and also through OWWR. I aslo would promote it through Facebook/Myspace because they are great networks that attract a wide auidence.

Question 3: I don't listen to OWWR, so I don't really know what the programs consist of. I don't think it would be a good idea if OWWR had a real FM station, becuase if a good amount of students don't listen, who is going to? I think the radio station needs to focus on attracting their target auidence, which is the student body. I would follow FCC rules becuase I think they are important. Students might have to use them in their future careers and also rules and guidelines make things more organized.

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