Sunday, April 6, 2008

If I was program director, I would provide my listeners with quality programming. I believe listeners deserve quality programming when it comes to the radio. I believe they should have access to diverse liberal programming to express different ideas and appeal to different personalities. I would promote the latest and greatest events on campus. I would have call in shows with live requests on music. I would use my skills in making promotions to promote on the radio. I would also promote using the television if it is available. I would also use the classic method of passing out papers to promote whatever I need promoted. I believe Old Westbury Web Radio provides listeners with good quality programming. If Old Westbury was to do FM I think the station would be good. I believe the radio station appeals to different types of listeners including the administration. I think FCC rules are important to college radio because if one was to enter the profession of radio broadcasting it is important to know the rules so that person can have less problems with the FCC and have a better chance of a successful career.

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