Sunday, May 4, 2008

Question 1
I do think that Civic Journalism should be practiced more in the United States. I think it gives the people in the community a more in depth report on whats going in society. It also gives up coming journalist a chance to write and report information to their readers. I think Civic Journalsim is a new way to get the news and up coming events. I personally think that once Civic Journalism gets it's foot inthe door compeletly all newspapers, magazines, even news reporters will defintely have serious competition.

Question 2
I actually agree with what the article says journalist stand for. I do believe that they uphold the publics right to know. They are their to gives us information on business, events, important news etc. I mean if their not doing it, who else is? Here in the United States i think that the journalist do a fair job of reporting the news to the public. Sometimes i feel its too much gossip and not enough "news", but beleive it or not their some are people who are more interested in "gossip news". The topic i think journalist should cover is: politics, important events, business/economy, weather, some entertainment. In which all of this that i named is bascially what the journalist are bringing to the public.

question 3
I do believe that the journalist should connect with their readers, because it gives the an idea of what the public likes to read and hear about. I have really participated in civic journalism, but i do plan to get more invovled in it being that i' am a media major.

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