Thursday, April 10, 2008

response to question 3.31.8

If i were the programming director of OWWR , I would gear most of the programming towards students that live on campus. For starters students that live on campus would probaly be our main audience, so I would try to talk about important events on campus, things that are nore student realated. Being that it is said that the campus is so dead, i would try to promote ideas and activties to make the campus more fun.

I think live shows are the best way to let the students know about campus life events. The live show should allow the the students to be invovled in show, for example calling in, emailing or even being their to gibe their own ideas or personal thoughts.

The qualities of our programming is appropriate as far as i know. i really dont listen to OWWR like that, so i really can't give an honest thoughts about something im not sure of. I think this programming is appropriate for a college radio station.

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