Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Question 1.

I do think that civic journalism should be practice more in the United States because it gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with what’s going on within our communities worldwide.

Question 2.

I do agree with the article in regards to what journalists stand for. Their job is to “uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news" because it gives the listeners what we need to hear. We constantly hear about things everywhere else that focus on things that are not important but journalists all around the world must keep their focus and objective. We should cover all aspects of our communities such as the latest news, sports, and many current events that take place.

Question 3.

It’s true that the future of journalism and broadcast environments are changing. This change has everything to do with the decreasing of newspapers and radio listenership. At the same time in order to move forward into a promising future you must always remember the foundation of what got you where you are. This new age of broadcasting would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the beginning stages of journalism. Holding on to the little things is easy access to bigger and better.

I did participate in the radio station here at SUNY Old Westbury where I learned a lot about journalism. Its always good to learn something NEW and by being there it has given me knowledge and understanding of journalism.

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