Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Answers to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide different music and topics of discussion that best suits the listeners’ ears. There is but so much we can do but since we are a college radio station we do have an image to withhold so I believe having fun and giving the listeners what they want to hear ( in a respectful way) at the same time is key.

I would definitely give this campus just a tad bit more of life. I can certainly say during this second semester there have been more activities and programs to attend. But the entire campus should have SOMETHING to do when there is NOTHING to do all year long. I would have concerts or some type of promotional fund raisers every weekend to keep students here on campus and as well as off campus.

I wouldn’t say that the current programs are inappropriate for airing, I just believe they don’t fulfill the needs and interests of the students. if we were ever to become a FM station. I can definitely say that the campus provides good quality programming but again it just lacks in interest in regards to what we want to listen to. The FCC practices are fine because they still give structure especially to those who are interested in making this a career.

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