Thursday, April 10, 2008

Response To Radio Actions

Question # 1
Radio is a way for people to express their feelings to the masses ,it’s also a way to connect to different groups of people. If a radio personality made a negative comment about me I think that I would react like I would react to anyone else I wouldn‘t treat him or her any different to a regular person on the street. I feel that radio personalities should be giving penalties if making negatives comments about others . I’m saying this because many times their negative comment can effect the listeners and many times this may cause listener to switch to other stations. On the other hand reaching out with every listener and connecting to them without offending someone in some way is very hard to do. As a radio manager I feel the penalty for negative behavior should be suspension and only this I say this because every one has their own opinions on certain situations if they hide this I feel that radio would be point less because the they would only be giving the people what they want to hear,. In the case of randy I feel that he should have been punished without pay because he was basically giving a vacation with pay.
Question # 2 and 3
In the case of the college students I feel that they shouldn’t be kicked out because the female agreed to participate in the show. The students were just entertaining the listeners this is why we have radio. I feel that the students should be at most be giving time off from the station for their mistakes, suspension for what they did to me is kind of taking it to the extreme and wrong . The fcc on the other hand should take action but they should only fine to the school because it there are rules to open radio but mistakes are made because were all human beings.

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