Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello CEI

Hello CEI,

Please read the following question below and answer it to the best of your ability.
Please conduct your own research as needed, for other instances other than the one provided.


As college radio continues to evolve from all aspects including content, technologies, audience listenership and participation, promotion, production and more, below is a classic case of yet another demise of the college radio station on FM, going strictly to Web Radio. Many universities continue to become aware of the changes in radio, and is providing new ways for the college radio student to broadcast both audio, video, and more, such is the case for OWWR.

Internet radio stations provide many valuable resources for any college student in any major. OWWR provides many opportunities in all levels of broadcasting both in front, or behind the scenes. Students can become involved with news, sports, music and talk show programming, hosting events live, or pre-recorded, both on and of the campus, servicing the needs of listeners worldwide and yet providing programming relative to its market.

Many students do not have the resources available that OWWR has. The questions are:

If you were the Programming Director of OWWR what type of programming would you provide for your listeners both on and off the campus, and why?

Now knowing some new capabilities of your facilities here at Westbury, what other types of engaging events would you organize/host both on and off the campus, (ie: live programming, call-in shows, etc…), and how would your promote them?

Lastly, if Westbury College had an FM station, why, or why not do you feel that the qualities of the current programming is appropriate for airing purposes? Do you feel that we are providing our listening communities with quality programming, which acts in the interest, convenience and the necessities of the public? Do you feel our programming would please the university administration? Would you follow FCC practices, once outlined for you?

Chattanooga State Radio Station Going Online;

Tower, License To Be Soldposted March 19, 2008Chattanooga State Community College President Dr. Jim Catanzaro said the college's radio station, WAWL, will be converted to web radio.He said the school was facing a cost of well over $1 million to convert the station to digital and has decided to sell the license and radio tower located at Flintstone, Ga.Dr. Catanzaro said proceeds from the sale will be used to convert the former WTCI TV building on campus into the home of the radio.He said the sale also will allow enhanced radio equipment for use by the students so they can do live remotes and other ventures that are not currently feasible.
Dr. Catanzaro said the station will no longer be under FCC regulation and students will be able to take more of a management role at the station.He said the college earlier engaged a broker to try to find a buyer for the license and tower. He said he believes a deal has been reached to sell it for $1.5 million.Dr. Catanzaro said under Tennessee Board of Regent rules he does not yet know the identity of the buyer.He said there will be no cutback in radio staff.Students in the mass communication program were told about the change on Wednesday morning.Judy Lowe is over media services, and Will McDonald is the professor who works directly with the radio program.Dr. Catanzaro said the FM radio market for the station had been "rapidly declining" with young people going to newer media forms, including the Internet.He said the station has several very popular shows with a wide audience and those will continue online.He said the station's shows will be archived and a web user can listen to them at one's leisure. The move will also allow a needed expansion of the school testing center, he said.He said some proceeds of the sale will be used "to enhance other student services."


In addition, please feel free to include any thoughts or comments you have relative the topic, or the questions above.

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