Tuesday, May 6, 2008

answers to 3.3.08

Question 1.

If an on air disk jockey made a negative reference to me or about me and my neighborhood, I would be offended but at the same can’t do anything about it. One thing I can say we are all entitled to our own opinions but at a place of work and business especially where people are listening, it’s quite disrespectful and should be taken into the hands of those who are over them.

Question 2.

No one ever knows the reason why certain people are in the position that they are in and disk jockeys should be held accountable for their actions on air. Being on air is their job, and it must be done in decency and in order. Many times we overlook those who are in that type of position because of their title but we must treat each other with respect at all times. His punishment was a little harsh but he was still held accountable for his actions.

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