Monday, May 12, 2008

Response to state of singapore jornalism

Question 1: I definatly feel that civic journalism should be practiced in the united states. The information that we are fed regualy through newspapers and tevevison is often controled. Not only can up and comming jornalist cna get their opinion across,through civic jornalism people will have an unedited broadcast of what is going on in their areas.

Question 2: I do agree with what the article stands for becuse a jornalist job is to deliver what is the publics right to know. Without jornalist many of u woudl be in the dark about what goes on in our communities. i feel in the US journalist stand for providing information. Unlike other countries, their journalist live in fear as to what they can published or exposed. and Us jsornalist make sure that they share as much with the public as they know. topics that journalist should cover are information reguarding our govornment and foreign affairs

Question 3: i feel that journalist should move with the flow of the public and become more involved in bloging becuse people no matter what need to be informed. I have not been too involved in the movement of civic journalism, but as society is moving in that direction i know i will be faced to use it in the near future.

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