Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Response to Air American.....

Q1: I think that Air America should halt her show for a period of time and this is the penalty for her. Ending her employment is too much. But I think it is just a common action for the stations/companies, especially in China. If somebody says something that is offensive to other people or organizations, he/she might get fired immediately.

Q2 : For me, it’s really a tough question. I would like to say that it is a violation of free speech because the public sphere in America is so open and tolerant and every kind of opinions can find their ways to be conveyed. However, for me, this kind of comments and so-called comedy shows make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t feel like hearing a host in a nationally show liken somebody to a prostitute. It’s silly and out of joint of the ethic standard.

Q3: No. I would not deliver a comment like that! As a journalist or a person work for the media, it’s necessary to be cautious and sensitive of our sayings. Using proper words is a way of showing your professional skill in this field.

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