Saturday, April 26, 2008

Air America response

1. I feel that although Ms. Rode's comment was stupid and degrading towards Hilary Clinton her being fired was not warranted. I feel it was a harsh penalty to fire her. I think had it been on air she should of been fired, but it was a video that a random person had.

2. I do not feel it was a violation of free speech. although it was rude I feel she has the right to express her opinion. Many stand up comedians make similar crude jokes and there isn't as much scrutiny on what they say.

3.In a public setting I would try my best to refrain from making controversial comments about a big political figure such as Hilary Clinton

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1. I feel that they should have continued her employment because her comment was not made on air it was her own opinion which here in America we are all entitled to which is called Freedom of speech

2. Yes this is a violation of free speech because we are all entitled to our own opinions even if they are negative. Freedom of speech was definitely violated in this situation.

3. I would be very mindful of what I say even outside of my place of employment.

My response

I feel that the person who dissed Hilary Clinton should not have lost her job because it was off air. I maybe would give her a suspension but thats it nothing more

This is a violation of free speech because you can say anything u want no matter where. Plus she said it off air, that was her opinion. She is not forced to like Hilary Clinton

Not really because it wasnt that serious she not have been fired

Monday, April 21, 2008


Question 1: I believe that suspending Randi Rhodes was wrong, becuase she had the right to voice her opinion. I do think her comments went too far especially becuase she is talking about Hillary Clinton, somone with a lot of power and who has many admirers. The comments weren't under job circumstances either, so they had no right to fire her. I think they should of talked about it with her and allowed her to recieve minor repercussions. Everyone has a bad opinion about someone; so there will always be harsh comments. She had to think about her job, before saying things that could put her in jeopardy.

Question 2: I think it is a violation of freedom of speech, becuase America is a place where people are allowed to say whatever they think. Everyone has a right to speak their voice, but people have to take into consideration how it will affect their everyday lives.

Question 3: I don't think I would make harsh negative comments as a broadcaster. By creating negative comments you are only promoting controversy. I think their is a point of taking things to far, and that it is child-like. It is better to be open-minded and be able to have some sort of positive out-look on everything. I think as a journalist or broadcaster you should be open-minded. It is not wrong to voice an opinion, but it is wrong to personally attack someone.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

response to 3.3.08

If an on-air dj made a negative reference to me or about my neighborhood, i would more than likely get upset. But just like me and other listeners would try to call in and voice their opinion, i probaly wouldnt even get through. So i wouldnt even waste my time to entertain ignorance, especially if it doesnt apply to me personally.

I think that anyone who says something wrong on- air, doesnt matter if its a dj or radio show host show face penalties for making slanderious remarks. I cant really say that the dj's penalty was enough, but it served the purpose.

response to 4/11/08

Part 1 Being the person that I' am I wouldnt want any one to get fired from their job; especially in that feild. But at the end of the day there are still rules and they have to be followed. I know what its like to voice an opinion and get a little carried away, but she still violated the rules of the radio station and she mean things about Hillary Clinton.

Part2 I don't actually think this is a violation of free speech. But i do think some radio station are to strict on some things you can or cannot say on the radio. Like on some radio stations if you say one thing wrong your fired. I guess radio host need to be more careful of the things they say on air.

Part3 Well sometimes my mouth has a mind of it's own (lol). But if i feel strongly about something i will say what's on my mind, but i will try to approach it in a way where it won't get me fired hopefully (lol).