Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1. I definitley feel that civic journalism should be practiced more in todays society. It's a great way for new comers and aspiring journalists help get their name out into the public and also express their opinions in a society full of judgements and opinions.

2. In my opinion, many journalists only look to shock people. Shocking news, news that will trigger some sort of epic reaction is what many journalists and stations strive for. Also, I think the concept of news is plagued with unnecessary topics such as pop culture. Not all news stations and journalists have this mind set but many only care about selling the story and that's it.

3. I agree that news and journalism is definitely changing year by year, and it's up to us to adapt with it as well. It's kind of sad to see newspapers decreasing and that radio shows are becoming more and more irrelevant. Although the new form of civic journalism is exciting and new, we also must not forget our media's roots. In my own experience i have particpated as a part of my school's radio show, on CEI OWWR. I learned a lot being on the show and i feel that it helped me understand journalism a lot more.

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