Monday, March 31, 2008

question 1: If I was the program director I would make sure that all music genres had a show. I know with our station we have only 3 or 4 shows that don't play rap, hip hop or r&b. I would make that number higher. In order to bring in more listeners we need to have shows for everyone and not just focus on one specific area. Also if I was the program direction I would try to get live interviews with music artists or even actors/actresses from tv and movies.

question 2: I think one even that might be good at the college would be live concerts. When I get to NCC we had a concert club that had a budget for concerts. Each year there were 4 concerts (two each semester) and each concert was a different type of music. I think this college would benefit from that especially with the activities fee that we all pay. I do think we need more interaction between the listeners and the hosts. We could do more events like Social Thursdays or even something on the weekends. I would promote this the same way I promote the other activities that the station is doing. Post it on Myspace/Facebook, the OWWR Blog, and even get the newspaper to print the ads. The more interaction we get with the students and they will tell their friends about us and it will take off from there.

question 3: If OW had a real FM station I think the qualities of the programs might be appropriate if we say we are a most hip hop, rap and r&b station. We couldn't say we were mainstream because most of the shows don't play the music that you would hear say like on Z100 or WBLI. I don't think the station is filling in everyones needs because we don't appeal to everyones music taste. I think the way the station is run we should please the administration and if we don't they should tell us how we could. I would follow the FCC rules. I actually think the FCC rules are important for college radio because if someone is trying to get into radio as a career they will need to know the rules for the FCC so one doesn't get fired.

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