Sunday, April 20, 2008

response to 4/11/08

Part 1 Being the person that I' am I wouldnt want any one to get fired from their job; especially in that feild. But at the end of the day there are still rules and they have to be followed. I know what its like to voice an opinion and get a little carried away, but she still violated the rules of the radio station and she mean things about Hillary Clinton.

Part2 I don't actually think this is a violation of free speech. But i do think some radio station are to strict on some things you can or cannot say on the radio. Like on some radio stations if you say one thing wrong your fired. I guess radio host need to be more careful of the things they say on air.

Part3 Well sometimes my mouth has a mind of it's own (lol). But if i feel strongly about something i will say what's on my mind, but i will try to approach it in a way where it won't get me fired hopefully (lol).

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