Monday, April 21, 2008


Question 1: I believe that suspending Randi Rhodes was wrong, becuase she had the right to voice her opinion. I do think her comments went too far especially becuase she is talking about Hillary Clinton, somone with a lot of power and who has many admirers. The comments weren't under job circumstances either, so they had no right to fire her. I think they should of talked about it with her and allowed her to recieve minor repercussions. Everyone has a bad opinion about someone; so there will always be harsh comments. She had to think about her job, before saying things that could put her in jeopardy.

Question 2: I think it is a violation of freedom of speech, becuase America is a place where people are allowed to say whatever they think. Everyone has a right to speak their voice, but people have to take into consideration how it will affect their everyday lives.

Question 3: I don't think I would make harsh negative comments as a broadcaster. By creating negative comments you are only promoting controversy. I think their is a point of taking things to far, and that it is child-like. It is better to be open-minded and be able to have some sort of positive out-look on everything. I think as a journalist or broadcaster you should be open-minded. It is not wrong to voice an opinion, but it is wrong to personally attack someone.

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