Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All Questions

Question 1:
I would provide all types of programming such as news, celebrity gossip, music and sports. Some shows will have all of them inside of it, while others have the one of these major topics. All of my listeners including off campus will like mmy shows because it will have diversity and it will be entertaining to them

Question 2:
I would be making flyers all around skool and my area about my show how it has live call in shows. I could also promote it through other shows on the airwaves

Question 3:
Quality is importaant if old westbury went on air, we have to have the best shows if New York city can hear us. Old westbury is providing good radio so we should be on a FM station. Also we will follow every rule that the FCC will give us so that we can have new yorkers listen to us

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