Tuesday, May 6, 2008

answers to 3.3.08

Question 1.

If an on air disk jockey made a negative reference to me or about me and my neighborhood, I would be offended but at the same can’t do anything about it. One thing I can say we are all entitled to our own opinions but at a place of work and business especially where people are listening, it’s quite disrespectful and should be taken into the hands of those who are over them.

Question 2.

No one ever knows the reason why certain people are in the position that they are in and disk jockeys should be held accountable for their actions on air. Being on air is their job, and it must be done in decency and in order. Many times we overlook those who are in that type of position because of their title but we must treat each other with respect at all times. His punishment was a little harsh but he was still held accountable for his actions.

Response to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide the type of programming that interest the listeners. The listeners are our main focus. I would make the programming diverse so that everyone feels like they can enjoy it. I would make it so that listeners would love to tune in to the show weekly or daily.

I would hosts many types of engaging events such as live concerts by recording artists and during those nights that the recording artist would perform I would promote the upcoming artist on and off campus. I would use that as a tool to promote not only their talent but that would give the radio station good feedback from those who are outside of the Old Westbury community.

If we had a FM station I personally believe we wouldn’t get too many listeners. In today’s communities, we like to hear things that pertain to us and what we like to do. Not saying OWWR doesn’t meet that standard but it’s always about making some type of connection with your listeners. For example, many people listen to the Wendy Williams show that comes on 107.5 WBLS because there is some type interest that we as her listeners get out of that show. Same should be with OWWR. I think that the station pleases the university administration. I would follow the FCC practices because those who are really serious about making this a career it would give them a heads up of how to do so.


Question 1.

I do think that civic journalism should be practice more in the United States because it gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with what’s going on within our communities worldwide.

Question 2.

I do agree with the article in regards to what journalists stand for. Their job is to “uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news" because it gives the listeners what we need to hear. We constantly hear about things everywhere else that focus on things that are not important but journalists all around the world must keep their focus and objective. We should cover all aspects of our communities such as the latest news, sports, and many current events that take place.

Question 3.

It’s true that the future of journalism and broadcast environments are changing. This change has everything to do with the decreasing of newspapers and radio listenership. At the same time in order to move forward into a promising future you must always remember the foundation of what got you where you are. This new age of broadcasting would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the beginning stages of journalism. Holding on to the little things is easy access to bigger and better.

I did participate in the radio station here at SUNY Old Westbury where I learned a lot about journalism. Its always good to learn something NEW and by being there it has given me knowledge and understanding of journalism.

question #2

i do agree with the article about what journalism really is because of the qoute that says "They uphold the publics right to know, a spirit of openness and honestly in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news" and thats exactly what a journalist do. i feel that a journalist must be honest and clear with what they say and they need to provide the people with good information and with the truth. i think the United Ststes should stick with news that are important to people.
i think that civic journalim should be practice more in the United States because it's a good way to inform the people what what is happening in their community and lets them know everything. it's important to know whats going on around you because it helps you be know what to be aware about. if there wasnt no journalism in any part of the world then people would be clueless about everything that goes on around them.

Question 1

I think civic journalism is very important in the United States. I think it should be continued. I believe this because civic journalism is one method of delivering fast breaking news to the people. It is important for people to know what is going on in the word they live in today. I believe it will continue to grow as technology evolves. It is important to keep up with the times.
1. I definitley feel that civic journalism should be practiced more in todays society. It's a great way for new comers and aspiring journalists help get their name out into the public and also express their opinions in a society full of judgements and opinions.

2. In my opinion, many journalists only look to shock people. Shocking news, news that will trigger some sort of epic reaction is what many journalists and stations strive for. Also, I think the concept of news is plagued with unnecessary topics such as pop culture. Not all news stations and journalists have this mind set but many only care about selling the story and that's it.

3. I agree that news and journalism is definitely changing year by year, and it's up to us to adapt with it as well. It's kind of sad to see newspapers decreasing and that radio shows are becoming more and more irrelevant. Although the new form of civic journalism is exciting and new, we also must not forget our media's roots. In my own experience i have particpated as a part of my school's radio show, on CEI OWWR. I learned a lot being on the show and i feel that it helped me understand journalism a lot more.

My responses

Question 1: Civic Journalism should be more practice in the U.S because more people need to hear the little news and big news at the same time. Some times Civic journalist present news faster than regular journalist because of more access to the internet for all people in the U.S.

Question 2: Journalists should cover every aspect in a typical person's life whether it is sports, politics, horoscopes or whatever. There should no restriction on a what a journalist should cover. Journalists are people who tell the public truth. They stand as messengers to the average joes who wants to know about America.
1.I feel civic journalism should be practiced more in the United States, especially amongst the youth. Civic Journalists can promote being proactive ant enables people to uncover their own truths about certain situation instead of relying on a dominant media source. Civic journalism can also promote solutions for certain problems in the community. If the journalist are experiencing what they are writing about they are more prepared to solve the problems. The only potential downfall would be a grave rise in competition between fellow journalists.

2. I do agree with the article with regards to what a journalist stands for. It is a journalists job to provide an honest source of information to the public. I feel journalists should cover topics relevant to people's everyday lives

3. I feel it is very important for journalists to connect with it's readers just by the virtue of the conflict presented in the question. The question states how newspaper readers and radio listenership has decreased. Having community projects and blogs can stimulate interest in readers. I've never really participated in community journalism but I am looking to do so in the future because it seems interesting to me

Monday, May 5, 2008

Response #3

I definalty think that journalist should be more connected to thier readers and blogs because that is the whole purpose of thier job and if they arent doing that then what is the point in being a journalist plus readers will be able to see how each of them may have diffrent ideas while sharing some of the same ideas. No I haven't been apart of community journalism but I do have an itch to take part eventually being that I'm a media major with intentions on gainig my own radio show for a well known station.

Response #2

I agree with this article because that is what the true art of being a journalist is suppose to be but in the United States I feel that journalist stand for less important news such as relying on celebrities to make a story. I also feel they are more for informing the public on news that isnt that revelant instaed of the topics that need to be addressed such as the war in iraq, the amount of proverty that is actually taking place in the states along wit the issue of homelessness. These issues should be covered because they are way more important then knowing how some werido can't control her nervous breakdown.

response #1

I think it would be great to have more civic journalism in the United States because I feel it will allow the people of the country to have a say in thier news and I also feel it would make more teens aware of how important the news is because it would be news that would hit closer to home.


Question 1: I think Civic Journalism needs to be practiced more in the United States for many reasons. Civic Journalism is an art of expression and allows readers to view opinions, ideas, and the thoughts of others. It also is a great way to know what is happening in society and in your community. I think Civic Journalism is a way to reach out to the community and bring it together. A lot of people look past the "municipal life" and don't take time to notice what is happening in their surrondings; civic journalism allows you to know what is pubically happening. I believe Civic Journalism has a lot of advantages and that is why it should be practiced more.

Question 2: In the article it states that journalists, "uphold the public's right to know, a spirit of openness and honesty in the conduct of public business, the free flow of information and ideas, along with truthfulness, accuracy, balance and fair play in the news". I agree that this is what journalists stand for. They allow the public to not be blind sighted about imortant news and other information. They also provide information that is accurate and it is unlike news you hear from "word-of-mouth". I think that journalists in the United States can't really be defined. There are all different journalists and they don't stand for one thing; yet many continue to write or discuss what sells. In the business world it is all about what sells and makes the most money, so journalists feed us gossip on celebrities and things that really have no affect on our everyday lives. People get too caught up in everyone's lives but their own; so I believe journalists should talk about important things that pretain to our "own" lives. Topics such as poverty, new medicines, great discoveries, politics, and world news should be covered. It is sad to see that people know more about celebrities than their own surrondings.

Question 3: I think journalists should connect with their readers, blog, and create community projects. It is important because a lot of people share common ideas and thoughts, and it is beneficial to express them. I think this could allow people to bring about more change in their communities and make them better. I have not personally participated in any form of community journalism; yet would be interested to do so in the future. I think people need writers who won't just write about "gossip", but writers who will fill people's brains with information that is useful and captivating at the same time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Question 1
I do think that Civic Journalism should be practiced more in the United States. I think it gives the people in the community a more in depth report on whats going in society. It also gives up coming journalist a chance to write and report information to their readers. I think Civic Journalsim is a new way to get the news and up coming events. I personally think that once Civic Journalism gets it's foot inthe door compeletly all newspapers, magazines, even news reporters will defintely have serious competition.

Question 2
I actually agree with what the article says journalist stand for. I do believe that they uphold the publics right to know. They are their to gives us information on business, events, important news etc. I mean if their not doing it, who else is? Here in the United States i think that the journalist do a fair job of reporting the news to the public. Sometimes i feel its too much gossip and not enough "news", but beleive it or not their some are people who are more interested in "gossip news". The topic i think journalist should cover is: politics, important events, business/economy, weather, some entertainment. In which all of this that i named is bascially what the journalist are bringing to the public.

question 3
I do believe that the journalist should connect with their readers, because it gives the an idea of what the public likes to read and hear about. I have really participated in civic journalism, but i do plan to get more invovled in it being that i' am a media major.