Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Response to 3.31.08

If I were the programming director of OWWR I would provide the type of programming that interest the listeners. The listeners are our main focus. I would make the programming diverse so that everyone feels like they can enjoy it. I would make it so that listeners would love to tune in to the show weekly or daily.

I would hosts many types of engaging events such as live concerts by recording artists and during those nights that the recording artist would perform I would promote the upcoming artist on and off campus. I would use that as a tool to promote not only their talent but that would give the radio station good feedback from those who are outside of the Old Westbury community.

If we had a FM station I personally believe we wouldn’t get too many listeners. In today’s communities, we like to hear things that pertain to us and what we like to do. Not saying OWWR doesn’t meet that standard but it’s always about making some type of connection with your listeners. For example, many people listen to the Wendy Williams show that comes on 107.5 WBLS because there is some type interest that we as her listeners get out of that show. Same should be with OWWR. I think that the station pleases the university administration. I would follow the FCC practices because those who are really serious about making this a career it would give them a heads up of how to do so.

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