Thursday, April 10, 2008

Owwr Radio Station response 1-3

If I was giving the chance to become the program director at owwr old Westbury radio I will make a couple of changes. I feel in order to make the station more interesting to the masses more promotion is needed, this includes more evens such as parties and fundraisers and also more visual promotions which can included flyers etc. having a live do can also improve on the stations quality because people want to hear live mixing not song after song. These few things can have a major affect on the amount of listeners ,Also getting more students involved my bring more opportunities for the station , this my involve contest etc. When look at on a broader scale radio is about networking and knowing the right people ,so getting more people involved and trying new things can put those people at the station and the station it’s self in a better position.
Events like concerts and talent shows even open mic can help the station. These events can be promoted via web for example myspace ,face book etc, even word of mouth and flyer can attract people to these events.
With shows like the First year Experience the owwr radio station can attract many different types of crowd young and old. I feel that the station being college radio has it adult points in time but is mainly directed to a younger crowd. With this at hand I feel that many of the shows on owwr isn’t original. Originality is the reason why many listen to certain stations, with more original shows there would be more listeners because people like to learn and experience new things. In order for owwr to be professional and prepare it’s students for the job field I feel the fcc rules are needed to be followed because if they aren’t followed the shows my get too out of hand and radio wouldn’t be radio anymore it would be looked at as open mic.

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