Monday, March 3, 2008


I believe the ratio that 72% of black males who dropped out of college, were jobless by the year 2004 vs. the amount of white male dropouts at 34% exists because many black people are underestimated, because of the color of their skin. Do be completely honest black people are prejudged most of the time, so for a person of color to go into a office looking for a job saying he is a college dropout, is a even bigger disadavntage for him rather than a cauachasian male. Just as Schumer says in his speech:
"We can lull ourselves into thinking things are alright. But then we come back to the recent analyses and we see how mistaken that belief is when it comes to black males with less than a college education."
Rascism in the workplace will never end no matter what law or bill is passed. We have laws against sexism in the workplace and it still is present today. The only way we can make change is that if we start encouraging early with young black men to attend college, educate them on how important it is to get a higher education.

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swt4v9 said...

i feel this statement is very true. but i personally think things should change because its 2008 and all people no matter race or sex should be treated equally