Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joe's response

1. Honestly, i have no clue why the ratio of african american college drop outs is like 40% greater than those of white college drop outs. In my opinion, it could be the location. For example, there are many african americans in large urban areas, and in those large urban areas, schools are not only harder to get into, but also quite expensive. I think it's a sad percentage, because in my opinion, everyone should be given the same opportunities and i think this horrifying ratio proves that indeed is not happening. 

2. In my opinion, if STRIVE were duplicated nationwide, i do not see how it would have a major effect on job stability by african american males. Seriously, if someone wants to go to work, and make a decent living, then they will. I don't see how being a member of a stupid organization is going to change someone's whole way of life. In fact, instead of attending meetings, and taking part in STRIVE those people should be at their job, making money and supporting themselves instead of depending on others or making lame excuses.

3. Ok, as for dysfunctional families being a reason for a poor labor force is ridiculous. I do think a certain degree of racism still exists today, and i also think that incarceration rates could have a negative effect on the labor force. The solution to that is, if those people had a steady job in the first place, chances are a lot less of them would be in prison. I don't have the answer to racism, some people are just ignorant.

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