Thursday, March 6, 2008

Response to Senator Schumer's speech

Q1:I believe that this ratio exists because high unemployment rate of African American is not news. According to an article—The Real Deal on Black Unemployment by Julianne Malveaux (an economist, author and commentator, and the Founder & Thought Leader of Last Word Productions, Inc, a multimedia production company.) in 2004, the unemployment ratio between African Americans and white males was 2:1, which is quite near to Senator Schumer's. It is common that when unemployment rate data are released, the news for African American is bleak. No matter what the overall unemployment rate is, the Black unemployment rate is higher.72% of black males who dropped out of college were jobless. 72% is indeed an appalling data. High education is an access to decent jobs. However, without a college degree doesn't mean you'll become out of job. Just as that in Senator Schumer's speech, it is around 75% of projected new jobs in the next ten years will not necessarily require a college degree. Besides education, I agree with Senator Schumer, "there are major-league attitudinal and cultural barriers to success here."

Q2:I think it will achieve some progress for helping African Americans to improve job stability. From the training process to the intensively follow-up, the STRIVE seems a thorough program that can assist the job finding and stability amongst the black male population. I am in favor of the two year follow-up strategy. It provides adequate time confidence for the clients. Moreover, Senator Schumer called for the increase EITC. But my concern is where is the funding for STRIVE to duplicated and become nationwide. As Senator Schumer stated, it was unlikely given that federal funding for these efforts had been steadily reduced recent years. That's a 90% cut, compared with 1978.I think it is ridiculous that the Bush government spend $275 million per day for the war in Iraq, while yelling the economy is in recession. Where is the money flooding for? Withdraw the money and make a real change in ordinary people's life sound much better and realistic.

Q3:I think these reasons are still applicable today. Problems relating to falling schools, dysfunctional families, high incarceration rates and racism still exist in today’s society. To solve these problems and change such situation need some generations’ efforts. If I am the leader, as what I said before, I’ll stop the war in Iraq to stop blowing the money for the war. Reducing the tuition for colleges and make it easy for the minors population. I am looking forward for Barack Obama win the next president. I think it will be an historical turning point for the racism issue.

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