Thursday, March 6, 2008

Response to "The Schumer Speech". ( Anna)

Question 1: I think that there are many reasons why this ratio exists. Our world has never been perfect and it is still experiencing dicrimination and predjudice. Many people are judged on their ethnicity and backgrounds, which is very negative because it imposes disadvantges. Also another reason this ratio exists is because employers look for good qualities in people; yet if they stumble across a criminal background they do not want that kind of person working for them. I personally think that this is wrong, becuase many people change their lifestyles.Another reason is it is hard to get a job without a college degree. In Schumer's speech he says,"In 2000, 65% of black male high school dropouts in their 20's were jobless - in other words not looking or unable to find work - and by 2004, the share had grown to 72% "jobless." (NY Times, Plight Deepens fir Black Men, 3/20/06). I also believe that it is difficult overall to find a job today becuase of competition. As Schumer says, "political, cultural, economic and personal elements combine to erect a steeplechase of barriers that is far too difficult to traverse for far too many black men."I hope Long Island does something to create fairness in the job opportunities in their community.

Question 2: I think that the program STRIVE could be a very successful program due to what it can offer. One reason I think STRIVE is beneficial is becuase it is like a support network and follows the person even after a job is found. They make sure everything is running smoothly and if there ever was a family or work realted issue, they'd be their with a helping hand.They have a great teaching set-up to prepare people for the rigorous workplace and also can help people find affortable housing. I think STRIVE promotes job stability and is a program that has minimum downfalls.In Schmer's speech he quotes that, "STRIVE has 70% success rates". I think this program has the great ability to bring about big changes.

Question 3: I think these reasons are still applicable today. There are still many problems facing racism, broken homes, and failing schools. I think these problems will stay present in our society; yet their are many things that can help. If I were a leader I would stress kids to take high school seriously and offer programs to help them learn about the workplace and the "keys" to success. I also think that I would open up a large career center with employees who would meet with students twice a month or as many times needed. I think the government needs to step up and solve the problem of declining African Americans in the workplace; action needs to be seen because equality is most important.

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