Monday, March 3, 2008

Response To Senator Schumer's speach

I feel Chuck Schumer's speach was unique in the fact that he delivered it at SUNY Old Westbury. There is a plethara of African Americans at SUNY Old Westbury so this speach could be relevant to a lot of students who attend this university. I feel this ratio exists partly to certain black dropout's apathy along with institutional racism effecting the employment opporitunities they recieve. Senator Schumer stated "We can lull ourselves into thinking things are alright. But then we come back to the recent analyses and we see how mistaken that belief is when it comes to black males with less than a college education." I feel the program STRIVE could be duplicated nationwide considering that New York is a big state and it has proven to be somewhat succesful. I agree with the statement the Senator made with regards to the decline in the black labor force. I also feel more black men should make more of a proactive effort to become a major component in the New York work force

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