Friday, February 22, 2008

Question 1:
I think this ratio exists because the employee who is trying to hire someone is afraid to hire if they have a criminal background. I also think there are still some people who are prejudice against black people. In today’s society I think no matter what color, sex, nationality, etc you are it’s hard to find a job today. When Senator Schumer said “It doesn't matter whether you live in Wyandanch or Islip - when one part of Nassau or Suffolk County faces a challenge, we all face that challenge.” He was absolutely correct. Something needs to be done about all the people who can’t get jobs. We live in the year 2008 and it’s sad to think that people won’t get hired because of the color of their skin or the fact that they don’t’ have a high school diploma.

Question 2:
I think this program could be successful nationwide. They are helping people get into the work force and understand what will and is expected to someone. It’s hard to someone to learn how to accept criticism no matter what their job is. I think the second part of STRIVES is good- they follow up on the person and makes sure one can handle it. Especially when someone is going through family or emotional problems there is a network in STRIVES that can help them. This could be successful in improving job stability because of all the support one is getting – everything from the basics like how to dress for a job to emotional support like family counseling and even helping one to find affordable housing. It’s crazy that the government went from spending 30 billion dollars on job programs to know spending 3.5 billion dollars. STRIVE has 70% success rate. That is a great success rate considering everything in today’s society.

Question 3:
I think these reason are applicable today because we still are dealing with failing schools, racism, and problems in the family. No matter which way you look at in these problems will always be existing. As a leader I would encourage the growth and try to make change by giving more funding to schools and in high schools start a career placement center. If this was to start in high school by the time someone is 21 they will know how to dress for a job, how to make a resume, why it’s important to be on time and much more. The government can do more to help everyone with this problem of the decline of young black men in the working fields.

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